Pharm Tech Minutes 2012.02.03

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  • Brandstätter, Jürgen (CodeWerk Software Services and Development GmbH, co-chair IHE)
  • Cocchiglia, Arianna (Arsenal.IT)
  • Demarmels, Marco (Lake Griffin, LLC)
  • Géraud, Thierry (CareFusion)
  • Letellier, Simon (EAHP)
  • Robberecht, Marc (Agfa Healthcare)
  • Surugue, Jacqueline (EAHP)
  • Zalunardo, Luca (Arsenal.IT)
  • Parisot, Charles (GE Healthcare)
  • De Jong, Tom (Novapro)


9:15-10:00 CMPD Exceptional cases

  • This work item will be combined with work item "Refinement CMPD workflow". New name: "CMPD exceptional cases and concept of Therapeutic prescription" (the current prescription is ment to be a "logistic prescription")
  • Exceptional cases shall be collected for scenario 1 + 2
  • Dedicated TCons to this topic. Schedule will be proposed by Jürgen
  • Volunteers:
  • Jürgen, Tom, Marco, Jacqueline, Charles, Marc, Viktor should be
  • HL7 Pharmacy works on the same topic, joint work intended by IHE and HL7
  • Objective: Know what to change in Community Pharmacy profiles at the end of the season
  • Do the changes in next season

10:00-11:00 Refinement CMPD workflows

  • Was combined with work item "CMPD Exceptional cases"

11:00-12:00 CMPD: XDW at CPM

  • Problem 1: Maintaining XDW Document cross-domain
  • Publishing documents in foreign domains should be solved by ITI.
  • Problem 2: Does proxying the managment of XDW make sense?
  • Evaluate the whole usage of XDW at client-side in both scenarios and weight the amount of work which could be proxied.
  • The extensions by work item "CMPD exceptional cases and concept of Therapeutic prescription" shall be considered
  • Decision
  • First work item "CMPD exceptional cases and concept of Therapeutic prescription" will be worked out
  • Then this work item will be taken up again

12:30-13:30 Use-case: Community – Hospital

  • Objective of the whitepaper should be to identify, if there is information missing or inconsistent in the Hospital or Community Pharmacy domain, which avoids smooth transition of information between them
  • The use-cases should be splitted into short and distict pieces
  • Each of these should be evaluated if the border-system (attached to both domains) has enough information to perform the transition of information either way
  • The longer versions shall be preserved for the detailed prescription
  • Use-case "Hospital Dispense for inpatients and outpatients" combines too many things, seems inconsistent
  • Jacqueline will inform Orlando about this

13:30-14:45 Medication Documentation

  • 14:45-15:00 --- Break 15min ---

15:00-16:00 Glossary work item

16:00-16:45 Monitoring and Syncing with PCD: (Perfusion administration)

16:45-17:00 Other business

  • Tom informs that in the Netherlands the local HL7 Pharmacy and IHE Pharmacy do e joint comparison of the HMW profile to the national HL7v2.4 guidelines to that topic. Goal is to shift to IHE Pharmacy profiles
  • Maybe some involved vendors are thereby anchoraged to step into HMW
  • Make CMPD better readable
  • Profile seem very complex at first sight, this might discourage people from using it
  • Thoughts on better presentation
  • Simplify actor diagram and remove parts which are just necessary in multi-domain
  • Keepp first part of profile just single-domain, add multi-domain capabilities at the very end