Pharm Tech Minutes 2011.02.17

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Celebrating success: Report of current status of profiles

CAT Pisa 2011

First testing of Pharmacy Profiles, Preparation/Todo’s

  1. Workpackages Pharmacy-group
    1. CMPD
      • None, because just 1 vendor, no testing in Pisa
    2. PRE / PADV / DIS
      • Generate Sample Documents for each document type
      • Write Test descriptions according to other Content Creator tests
    3. HMW
      • Generate Sample HL7 messages for each transaction
      • Write test script and description
    4. Deadline for delivering WPs to Eric: 08.03.2011
    5. Afterwards TCon with Eric at 11.03.2011
    6. Inbetween: TCon with participating vendors for reviewing test descriptions
      1. Contacts of vendors will be sent to Simon as soon as possible. Simon will maintain the distribution list
        • Jürgen: Tiani/Forecare
        • Luca: Glintt, Solinfo, Dedalus
      2. Invitation to TCon at 02.03.2011, 14:00 – 16:00 (will be sent to the vendors by Simon)
      3. Jose is leading (will be 95% HMW)
  2. Eric Poiseau will do all technical tasks to embed the tests into Gazelle tool

F2F Meeting: Details, Preparation

  1. Invitation is sent
  2. Proposal Luca: At the end of invite vendors to give feedback on their comments during implementation (max. 15min each)
    • Decision: Approved

Agenda for 2012

Define next steps in the profiles (Workpackages)

  1. CMPD
    1. Workflow
      • XDW
    2. Query current medication
  2. PRE
    • Substitution Handling
    • Prescription of non-medication products": shall they be covered by this Profile?
  3. PADV
    • Shall the pharmaceutical advice document also be applicable to be related to Dispense Items (instead of Prescription items) for e.g., cancelling already dispensed items.
  4. DIS
    • How to deal with dispenses which should have been performed on behalf of a prescription which is not available yet?
  5. HMW
    • Exception cases
    • Supply chain
  6. If you discover additional points, please send to us!

Roadmap / Timetable

  1. Preparation of a list of WPs until next TCon March, 24.
  2. Decision which points are on our agenda (and in which priority) will be taken at next TCon (March, 24.)
  3. Start of work on WPs until F2F at CAT Pisa
  4. Work on WPs at F2F at CAT Pisa

Next TCon

  1. March 24., 16:00 - 17:00 (GMT+2)
  2. Invitation will be sent out soon by Simon