Pharm Tech Minutes 2010.06.24

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Participant list

  • Jürgen Brandstätter, CodeWerk, Austria
  • Kenneth Brewer , Carefusion, Ireland
  • Jose Costa Texeira, Agfa Healthcare
  • Ana Estelrich, ASIP Santé, France
  • Gerry Mayer , Carefusion, USA
  • Thierry Geraud, Carefusion, France
  • Charles Parisot, GE
  • Vassil Peytchev, Epic

Status of the development of the first Pharmacy profiles

Document structure

According to the latest F2F meeting decisions the current document structure is as followed:

  • IHE_Pharmacy_TF_Supplement_Common_PC
    • Common chapters to Pharmacy
  • IHE_Pharmacy_TF_Supplement_CMPD_PC
    • Supplement for the “Community Medication Prescription and Dispense” Integrations-Profile
  • IHE_Pharmacy_TF_Supplement_HMW_PC
    • Supplement for the “Hospital Medication Workflow” Integrations-Profile
  • IHE_Pharmacy_TF_Supplement_Prescription_PC
    • Supplement for the “Prescription” Content-Profile
  • IHE_Pharmacy_TF_Supplement_PharmaceuticalAdvice_PC
    • Supplement for the “PharmaceuticalAdvice” Content-Profile
  • IHE_Pharmacy_TF_Supplement_Dispense_PC
    • Supplement for the “Dispense” Content-Profile

Next steps:

  1. Working out all possible statuses of the documents for all possible processflow situations in real life. This information influences the content specifications.
  2. Going into the details of the epSOS specifications for Prescription and Dispense.

The decision, if we copy or reference the epSOS specification for the IHE Content Profiles can be taken after this analysis, but most likely is will be aligned as much as possible but NOT referenced.

Reasons: epSOS specifications are not totally CDA compliant, there is no pharmaceutical advice specification, etc.

Vendor CoChair election

Franz Pfeifer has recently resigned as Vendor Cochair.

A new election is triggered.


  • Appliance until July 19, 2010
  • Personal introduction at TCon at July 22, 2010
  • Election until August 24, 2010
  • Announcement of new cochair at TCon at August 26, 2010-06-25