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IHE Pharmacy T-Con April 1st 2010

  • F2F meeting in Bordeaux : logistics
  • F2F meeting in Bordeaux : schedule and calendar


  • Geert Claeys, Agfa Healthcare
  • José António Costa Teixeira, Agfa Healthcare
  • Vassil Peytchev, Epic Systems
  • Simon Letellier, EAHP
  • Charles Parisot, GE
  • Franz Pfeifer, Tiani-Spirit GmbH, Austria
  • Jacqueline Surugue, IHE-Europe Steering Committee, France


Logistics for IHE Pharmacy f2f meeting

to be held on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 April 2010 in Cité Mondiale, Bordeaux

JS to confirm with Marie Evina (Accor Group representative) for "Gobelet" room, since a different room was indicated on the invoice to Franz. No special reservation for the coffee breaks – coffee available on Connectathon premises (we are at the same level). Lunches at 6th floor level. JS to check with Karima Bourquard whether Thursday lunch could be included in the ~300 buffet lunches so far scheduled for the Connectathon attendees.

Access to the Connectathon granted during the visit organized thursday. Franz to arrange the payment for the meeting room.

Charles Parisot strongly recommended to attend to the IHE workshops, specially the wednesday's workshop on International focus. JS to send the Connectathon program again, definitive version.

Hotel reservation : Mercure hotel near the Cité Mondiale is full.

List of hotels near Cité Mondiale available at :

A free transportation pass – tram and bus - for the entire week will be provided to the participants.

Plan the 2 days meeting from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Discussion on the meeting agenda

  • Drafting the framework for Pharmacy: take another domain as model like Eyecare, and delete all specific words to begin. For a new technical framework, take the ITI ( IT infrastructure) as model.
  • Choice of the profile: politically important will be to decide the priority between ambulatory/community pharmacy or hospital pharmacy.

Communication between the hospital pharmacies of the 40 hospitals of the APHP will be very close to the Ambulatory/ Community Pharmacy workflow. Also see work of workflows of Austria, Australia and EpSOS (see point 4)

The Ambulatory/ Community pharmacy workflow has similarities with the outpatient hospital pharmacy workflow (“rétrocession” in French) for which activity hospital pharmacies work as community pharmacies.

Moreover, would be more relevant with the aim of continuity of care….

See the use case for outpatient pharmacy which has been recently updated in the White Paper. A use case decision should be made at the meeting.

Charles stresses that every attendee should be familiar with the White Paper, link to be sent again.

  • Evaluation of potential standards


We need to clearly define our roadmap/ business plan for the coming years with deadlines. This will be part of the agenda for Bordeaux meeting. At Geert’s request, Pharmacy input for ITI road map will be also added as an item of the agenda.


between now and the Connectathon for further information related to point 2:

Contacts :

  • José ==> APHP (France)
  • (Franz for) Jürgen Brandstater ==> contact XDS expert involved in the ambulatory pharmacies project (Austria)
  • Charles Parisot ==> reactivate contacts (Australia and New Zealand)
  • Geert ==> check EpSOS (EU)

Draft agenda for the meeting

  1. Hospital pharmacies profiles : submission from Australia, APHP, Austria (deadline April 12th)
  2. Community pharmacies profiles : submission from EpSOS, Australia, Austria (deadline April 12th)
  3. Decision : create/develop 1 or 2 profiles usecases based. Ambulatory ?
  4. Selection of revelant standards : identify options and decision process.
  5. Roadmap/ schedule for the next year
  6. IHE Pharmacy input for ITI (strategic decisions)

J. Surugue will contact Portugal

==> Draft agenda completed as soon as possible (Charles, Franz, Geert, Simon, and Jacqueline in the loop)