Pharm Tech Minutes 2009.09.24

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  • Co-chairs : call for candidates
  • EpSOS meeting : feed-back
  • Next Steps


  • Jurgen Brandstaetter, CodeWerk Software Services and Development GmbH, Austria
  • Nicolas Canu, Phast, France
  • Pablo Castilla, Indra, Spain
  • Ana Estelrich, GIP DMP, France
  • Simon Letellier, EAHP, France
  • Juan Carlos Nuñez Suarez, Indra, Spain
  • Michael Sprenger, Nictiz, The Netherlands
  • Jacqueline Surugue, IHE-Europe Steering Committee, France


Geert Claeys, Agfa Healthcare, Belgium is missing this call. Apologizes received from the 2 co-chairs candidates : Leonidas Tzimis and Franz Pfeifer.

Co-chairs elections

Close to be ready to start the online vote process. Need to finalize the list of voters. Voters are delagates of IHE International organizations. be member of a national IHE like IHE France, IHE Spain, IHE Austria, is not enough.

The f2f meeting in October in paris is canceled.

During the entire month of October (from 1st to 31th), the vote for the co-chairs will be open. After elections, co-chairs will organize the next meetings : face to face and T-conf.

Need to check with Geert for clear lines about who can vote.

Need more companies providers on the community pharmacy : They will be the active contributors for writing profiles.


  • There are 31 french companies and Mr Hourdequin joined for Computer Engineering.

Have to mail to this companies why be involved. Great list, based on the French Order experience, very aware of the community providers.

Login is still the same : username :iheyr2 and password : interop. J. Surugue have some proposals to improve the readability of the White Paper. White paper ==> update of the documents and of links on the Web

Next meeting

  • Next mail will confirm proposal.
  • Next meeting is planned end of October (4th Thursdays of the month), October 22th 2009 16:00-> 17:00.

The ftf meeting scheduled for 14-16 October in Paris CANCELED.