Pharm Tech Minutes 2009.08.27

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  • Co-chairs : call for candidates
  • EpSOS meeting : feed-back
  • Next Steps


  • Jurgen Brandstaetter, CodeWerk Software Services and Development GmbH, Austria
  • Nicolas Canu, Phast, France
  • Geert Claeys, Agfa Healthcare, Belgium
  • Simon Letellier, EAHP, France
  • Enock Ongwae, Apotekens Service, Sweden
  • Michael Sprenger, Nictiz, The Netherlands
  • Jacqueline Surugue, IHE-Europe Steering Committee, France


Co-chairs : call for candidates

  • Only one candidature (Leonidas Tzimis with the support of J. Surugue) is received for the User Co-Chair after the "call for candidates".
  • No Vendor Co-Chair candidate.
  • List of Candidates will not be distributed to IHE Pharmacy member until reception of Vendor Co-Chair candidates.
  • The "Call for candidates" will be sended again with an extended period to answer.

EpSOS meeting : feed-back

  • Large industry teams, 40 companies; some are involved in e-prescription.

The draft paper on e-prescription functional requirements will be published in september. Definitions of datas, architecture groups, and coding systems in process. The work is focused on cross-border situations; possible to match use cases ?

  • Contact official coordinator to use the EPSoS mailing list to send the recruitment letter.

Profile development

  • Development of new IHE Pharmacy profile is not yet started by lack of vendor participation.

The following actions to increase vendor participation :

    • Waiting for feedback, after the invitation to join IHE Pharmacy (the recruitment letter) through the IHE mailing list in order to recruit non-Europe members.
    • Approach individual companies : M. Sprenger will contact Bas Van Poppel from iSOFT. J. Surugue will contact Vincent Hourdequin from Computer Engineering.


Login is still the same : username :iheyr2 and password : interop. The last version of the white paper is at : J. Surugue have some proposals to improve the readability of the White Paper.

Next meeting

  • Next meeting is planned end of September (4th Thursdays of the month), September 24th 2009 16:00-> 17:00.

The ftf meeting scheduled for 14-16 October in Paris will be confirmed at this next TConf.