Pharm Tech Minutes 2009.07.09

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  • Co-chairs : call for candidates
  • EpSOS meeting : feed-back
  • Next Steps


  • Jurgen Brandstaetter
  • Nicolas Canu
  • Geert Claeys
  • Simon Letellier
  • Jacqueline Surugue


Co-chairs : call for candidates

  • A "call for candidates" email will be distributed soon. List of Candidates will be distributed to IHE Pharmacy member around mid august; voting takes place till mid september.
  • There will be discussions with J. Surugue this friday about IHE user co-chairs.

EpSOS meeting : feed-back

  • No feedback; postponed to next tcon

Profile development

  • Development of new IHE Pharmacy profile is not yet started by lack of vendor participation. The following actions are proposed to increase vendor participation :
    • Send a invitation to join IHE Pharmacy through the IHE mailing list -> recruit non-Europe members (Geert)
    • Approach individual companies (all)
  • Note : Phast (French industry association) is active but is only involved in hospital pharmacy while the new proposed profiles focus on community pharmacy


  • In Austria, there is a e-medication project and e-prescription project (linked to the ELGA project). Jurgen will provide the contact details and act as a liaison person.

Next meeting

  • Next meeting is planned end of summer holidays, August 27th 2009 16:00-> 17:00. A ftf meeting is scheduled for 14-16 October in Paris