Pharm Tech Minutes 2009.05.20

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1) White paper

A file of 5 megabytes on the FTP site Will be updated next week

2) the 3 Candidate Pharmacy IHE profiles Need contributions from vendors on this profiles

Ask : Computer Engineering, Medasys, iSoft Mc Kesson downgrade participation, no f2f meeting except Paris

Need to combine f2f meeting at a worldwide level with the HL7 meeting. The next will be 20-25 september in Atlanta, USA

To start , we need :

   F. Macary IHE Lab / ASIP

Need more community providers : iSoft, Cegedim, Santéos ?


2 days will be enough for the June f2f meeting 4th June 10h00->19h00 5th June 10h00->17h00

October meeting : too early to plan will be discuss at next call

next T-Conf : will be move from 11th June ( T-Conf defined rule : 2nd thrusday of each month) to the wednesday 10th June same hour.