Pharm Tech Minute 2015.05.28

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Meeting details

Thursday, 28 May 2015, 14:00 CET

WebEx details:

Meeting number: 958 598 055


+33 17091 8646 France toll

0800-9-19312 France toll free

Call-in Numbers: Global Call-in numbers

Access code: 958 598 055


  • Leonidas Tzimis
  • Christof Gessner
  • José Costa Teixeira
  • Juergen Brandstaetter
  • Michael Tan
  • Jacqueline Surugue

Review of the agenda


Approval of minutes from F2F meeting in Paris

  • Proposal: There may be some content missing (namely capturing some discussions and adding some presentations).
  • DECISION: To be approved in Chania.

Meeting in Chania

  • Details of the meeting are available on a wiki page:

  • Public Comment starts on June 15. We should postpone the start of the Publishing comment to accommodate to meeting in Chania
  • Action Item: Jose will get in touch with Mary Jungers to change the official calendar to June 22


  • It is most important to address the ongoing work items and the items to be published in this cycle.
  • White papers are usually published later. Should check with Mary anyway.
  • There may be an issue with delay, and the PC phase may need to be shifted by the review time.
  • Proposal to ask Mary:
  • Send a list of the documents that she will receive as soon as possible
  • MTP and Supply will have dedicated tcons to close the items.
  • Before the 22nd of June, we will send the "approved" items for review. She will review and send to us.
  • If we still have changes in Chania that are important to be considered for this cycle, then we will have Chania to eventually finalize Mary's revised version.
  • Jose and Michael will prepare an agenda for the meeting

Link to reviewed schedule for publication: []

Strategic topics to discuss in Chania:

  • Vision statement: After taking care of the work items, we should do a joint review of the Vision statement, Charter..
  • Working groups: Also to be discussed in the Chania discussion
  • Testing and conformance - Dissemination and education about the validation of IHE materials, especially on national/regional projects. Christof will kickstart this discussion in Chania. We could also discuss the IHE tests, eventually in support of IHE Services. Testing of our core profiles is expected to be embedded in IHE test platform. We should invite Eric Poiseau and Alexander Berner to join our call to discuss with him. In Chania, we may eventually decide to host a meeting in or nearby Rennes, France.


CP Comments

Some CPs were sent, but no comments were received, so they are approved by default. In Chania we should have a slot to formally approve them for ballot.

Work items

  • MTP:
  • Document is ready, they are in the FTP site, under "public comment" (link here)
  • The LOINC code has been received.
  • A webex will be setup next week to do a final review.

Updates from HL7

  • Jose is engaging with HL7, to have a better understanding of the group dynamic and how to better engage.

Jurgen: How does this align with the HL7 work? Jose and Jurgen and Marc to align later. Will be discussed in Chania.

  • Jose will present a proposal.

FHIR - review of goals and approach, quick wins

To be discussed in Chania.

Discussion on supply sub-committee

  • Webinar - Jurgen and Leonidas will submit the proposal.
  • Supply WP
  • Eventually later on this cycle
  • Supply Profiles?
  • Not for this cycle
  • MTP
  • See above
  • HMW review
  • No progress
  • Medication Data Collection / Data Management (to review name after first draft)
  • Will start work soon. To be discussed in Chania

Summary of work items for agenda:

  • Strategy
  • Testing
  • Visit to Rennes
  • Visit to Pharmacy: on the 2nd day at e.g. 11:45
  • FHIR session (proposal and discussion)
  • Review of CPs
  • Review of MTP final document

Pharmacy Technical Committee