Pharm Tech Agenda 2016.01.28

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Meeting details

WebEx details: Meeting number: 955 682 200

JOIN BY PHONE +33 17091 8646 France toll 0800-9-19312 France toll free Access code: 955 682 200

Global call-in numbers

Toll-free dialing restrictions:

Technical Agenda

  • Work on barcodes - progress and alignment (Esther?)
    • Decision to include only a barcode parsing transaction - white paper content or profile?
  • Work on Supply - presentation of Supply transactions to Pharma group, to start working on the profiles
  • Common Profile discussions - José

Planning Agenda

  • F2F Meeting in Porto
    • Attendees
    • Joint dinner options
  • Meeting with HL7 and ISO
    • Formal alignment on topics - creation of a proposed or joint discussion backlog
    • Planning calls -
  • Liaison with HL7 / report from Orlando WGM

Agenda topics:

  • Discussion

Start investigation on joint projects: IHE will prepare a list of proposed topics to discuss with ISO and HL7 in a F2F meeting; This list will then be evaluated to trigger new projects or initiatives.