Pharm Tech Agenda 2015.08.05

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Meeting details

Wednesday, 5 August 2015, 17:00 CET/CEST

WebEx details:

Meeting number: 952 020 371


+33 17091 8646 France toll

0800-9-19312 France toll free

Call-in Numbers: Global Call-in numbers

Access code: 957 726 768


  1. Review of dissemination materials - dedicated mailing list, wiki
  2. Brief review of the status of white paper restructuring (my apologies but it is not completed yet)
  3. Preparing work on profiles - what we need (templates, input from other groups)

Mailing list

A dedicated mailing list has been created and is available on the address: Landing page:!forum/ihe-supply-discussion Next step: Send to the main Pharmacy mailing list and others, to invite people to join. (Action Item Jose)

wiki page

The supply wiki page is here:


Materials for the work group are here:

Other topics

Task force for guidance in UDI use