Pharm Tech Agenda 2015.04.30

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Meeting details

Thursday, 30 April 2015, 14:00 CET

WebEx details:

Meeting number: 958 775 866


+33 17091 8646 France toll

0800-9-19312 France toll free

Call-in Numbers: Global Call-in numbers

Access code: 958 775 866



  • Review of the agenda
  • Approval of minutes from previous meeting

Planning and Reporting (30 mins)

  • Report on ISO meeting
  • Work on Medication Management: Concepts and definitions
  • other info
  • News from HL7
  • Supply, Medication profiles, V2+FHIR mapping

Pending items (10 mins)

  • Check Availability of acronym for Supply profiles (Jose)
  • Prepare page and mailing list with ad-hoc group

Discussion on work items (50 mins)

1. Supply and cross-domain interaction: The work is ongoing and I will present the roadmap of next actions. Among these is the sharing with other IHE domains, which I suggest we do without waiting for another DCC. (I missed the DCC call where this was expected, so I want to report that).

Report on Connectathon EU

Preparation / agenda for F2F (Michael)

Work items

  • Supply
  • Medication Documentation (Medication Management + Data Management/Capture)
  • MTP
  • Formulary
  • FHIR
  • HMW rework
  • Any other items

Pharmacy Technical Committee