Pharm Tech Agenda 2014.11.27

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Meeting details

Thursday, 27 November 2014, 14:00 CET

Webex details:

Meeting number: 953 493 826

Call-in Numbers: Global Call-in numbers


  • Board Report Review and Approval (Jurgen / Leonidas)
  • Schedule 2014/2015 (Jurgen / Leonidas) should be updated?

Status updates on action items

  • Check Availability of acronym for Supply profiles
  • Integration Profile: Supply of Products for Healthcare (SPH)
  • Content Profiles: Order and Delivery Management (ODM)
  • Integration Profile: Healthcare Inventory Management (HIM)
  • Updates on meeting plans
  • Any update on Joint meeting with ITI, PCC and QRPH: 24-25 February 2015, ASIP Santé Offices, Paris, France
  • Any response from Francois Macary for IHE Joint meeting with SIG HL7 Pharmacy (15 May 2015, Paris, France)

Discussion on work items

  • CP on DIS profile to move Dispenser from <performer> to <author> element (Jurgen)
  • Updates on technical tcons and work items (Jose and work item leads)
  • IHE Financial Sustainability Plan (Jurgen)

Pharmacy Technical Committee