Pharm Tech Agenda 2013.08.06

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Approval of minutes of F2F meeting Jun 10/12, 2013

Schedule 2013/2014

User co-chair election

  • 2 candidates
  • 5 voting organizations

Approve CPs for ballot

  • CPs for Community Pharmacy
  • CP-PHARM-042v2 DIS maintenance

  • CPs for Hospital Pharmacy
  • CP-PHARM-036v2 Inconsistencies between CMPD-WD and XDW profile
  • CP-PHARM-040v2 PRE maintenance
  • CP-PHARM-041 PADV maintenance
  • CP-PHARM-043v5 Readability - clarification and summary of message content
  • CP-PHARM-044 PRE: Correct namespace for element of datatype “RTO_QTY_QTY”

Next TCon

October 3rd 16:00-17h30

Any other business

Pharmacy Technical Committee