Pharm Tech Agenda 2011.12.15

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Approval of minutes of TCon Nov 17, 2011

Season 2010/2011

Profile publishing status

  • PRE/PADV/DIS: CPs incorporated and sent to Mary for final review and publishing
  • HMW: CPs incorporation in progress
  • CMPD: Ballot #2 in progress until Dec 19, incorporation starts immediately afterwards


Release within this year!! Mary is informed.

Schedule for season 2011/2012

  • Minor changes due to errors:
  1. June 6th (is a Wednesday) to Thursday June 7th
  2. August 15th (public holiday day) to Thursday August 16th
  • Outlook invitations for all events will be sent out soon

Roadmap and strategic planning

Information generated by Jürgen for DCC and sent out to group

  • Roadmap: This document outlines goals and plans over the next 5-10 years and is available here : PHARM_Roadmap.

Strategic planning activities

Any comments?

Report to IHE International Board

Work items


Medication Documentation

  1. Editor: Marc
  2. Contributors: Marco, Stephen, Ellen (Ana steps out)
  3. Status?

Use-case: Community – Hospital

  1. Editor: Orlando
  2. Contributors: Leonidas, Sebastiao, Viktor
  3. Status?

Incoming new

HMW Exceptional cases

  1. 3 CPs received
  1. Proposal editor: Marc


  2. Proposal editor: Jürgen

Refinement CMPD workflows

  2. Proposal editor: Jürgen

Distribution and supply of items (former: Hospital medication supply chain logistic)

  2. Proposal editor: Jose, Simon
  3. Contributors: Ana (can provide use-cases), Ellen, Marc, Marco

CMPD Exceptional cases

  2. Proposal editor: Jürgen
  3. Contributors: Viktor

Proposal: “Medication catalog (e.g. Formulary)”

  2. Proposal editors: Jose, Simon

Proposal: “Improvements in HMW for scope and error-fixing”

  2. Proposal editor: Eric Poiseau

Other business to take care of:

Glossary work item

  1. Group: Marco, Jacqueline + HL7 Pharmacy group
  2. Status?

Monitoring and Syncing with PCD: (Perfusion administration)

  1. Group: Vassil, Marc, Jürgen
  2. Status?

Marketing USA

  1. Group: Jürgen, Charles Parisot, Ana, Marco, Scott, Vassil
  2. Status?

Other IHE domains

  1. Other IHE domains will be informed by Jürgen (at next DCC call)


  1. Contact person identified: Sandy Vance
  2. Already contacted by Jürgen

HL7 Meeting January

  1. Tom de Jong, Scott Robertson?


  1. Scott Robertson?

Any other business

  • Information: At Dec 16, 2011 a conference will be held in Treviso/IT about XDW. In the afternoon Jürgen presents the CMPD use-case (via tele-presence).