Pharm Plan Minutes 2021.10.08

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Minutes 8 October 2021


  • Participants
    • Introduction new members
      • Sylvia Stein ( GS1 NL)
      • Quentin Ligier ( Uni. Geneva)
      • Hernany Silva Costa Melo ( Nictiz)
      • Anne van Berkel Meier ( GS1) joining from January 2022 onwards
    • Other members
      • Stephane Spahni ( Uni Geneva)
      • Marc Robberrecht Dedalus
      • Joao Almeida (
      • Jose Costa Teixeira (consultant)
      • Trudy Hagg ( Nictiz)
      • Michael Tan (Nictiz)

  • Review and Approve Agenda
    • Jose has altered the agenda
  • Approve minutes Chania
    • Minutes have been approved

Planning Schedule

  • Current version: [?]
  • Outcome of Election procedures
    • Jose has been elected as vendor co-chair.
    • Trudy has to fill in the regustrationfor the position.
    • Jose has to complete the procedure.
    • Michael will request Simon to start the procedure for election.

Board Report

Review of the last board report
    • Michael will tidy up the board report and upload to the Google Drive
    • Any remarks could be sent to Michael or Jose
    • Jose will present board report on 26

Work items

  • Description of work items + Architecture diagram?
  • MPD FHIR profiles(see proposals Jose)
    • Agree on the name of the profile
    • Jose suggest a general architectural and defnition approach on pharmacy profiles.
    • Stephane suggests to add a pin-point.
    • Proposal to start the workitem call Medication Management Profile. ( MM).
    • Discuss call schedule
    • biweekly meetings:
      • Fridays supply. and medication management. Jose Proposed
      • Marc will support with teams. Marc prefers after 14:30.

    • evaluate use cases and data models investigated so far
    • Inclusion of other reference models? eHDSI, ISO 17253, 19293, etc -
    • Collaboration with ISO in the production of the LM
  • Vaccination (Project lead Juergen)
    • Updates from Belgium
    • Jose can contribute on vaccinations. He has support from the Belgium insurance companies.
    • Gemini project collabollartion with IHE and HL7. In 2018 not enough funding.
    • Now relevant because of the Covid crisis.
    • Containing administration, and reporting. Also include immunization.
    • Starting a starter kit with a blue print for immunization.
    • Finding funding is a problem.
    • also finding the right people to manage the policy level.

  • Medication record (Project lead Jose)
    • Stil active in Belgium.
    • Joao has updated the IHE site with medication record. Discussion about the scope.

    • URL might name because the name might change.

  • Oncology medication management (Project lead Juergen)
    • A functional requirement is required. Preferably supported by a standard like IHE.
    • Candidate work item depending on funding
    • Stakeholder: Vinzenz Gruppe Hospital Trust, Austria

  • Supply (Project lead: Jose)
    • Will send an interim report and restart work
    • PATH is onvolved in supply.

Any other business