Pharm Plan Minutes 2020.10.23

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Meeting details


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10:00 - 10:05 Welcome

  • Participants
    • Oliver Egger
    • Foppa Annatina
    • Pero Grgic
    • Juerg Bleuer
    • Marc Robberecht
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Michael Tan
    • Esther Peelen
    • Jose Costa Teixeira

10:05 - 11:00 Medication Lists

  • Medication Lists FHIR profiles Maintenance
    • Switzerland has had a projectathon in September, where medication list was the focus (modification of a medication list through PADV and MTP documents).
    • Presentation from Oliver Egger can be found here
    • There are different possibilities to convert the data in both directions.
    • Discussion about retaining the original ID or the converted output. Does each document have an unique ID?
  • We need to clear up the models of CDA and FHIR.The EPR should support both standards.
    • Gazelle tools need to be able to validate FHIR as well as CDA.
    • Oliver Egger explains the mapping between CDA and FHIR.
  • Change proposals for the current IHE profiles:
    • One new transaction has to be introduced, which will be Pharm-5.
    • This will be almost like Pharm-1, but will be using MHD instead of XDS.
    • PHARM-1 could also use on-line document generation.
    • MHD does not support on-demand document generation.
    • Stephane will write a proposal for PHARM-5, which will use ITI-65, ITI-67, ITI-68, instead of ITI-18, ITI-43- ITI-45.
    • Context conduction has been deprecated within HL7, but this has also to be discussed in Switzerland.
  • Jose proposes to start with a logical model and the group agrees.
  • In Switzerland they started with the dataset in ART-DECOR which is also a data model.
  • We will need a task force to have more meetings biweekly.
  • Start biweekly calls on even weeks starting on 27 November. Time slot: 13:00-14:00.

11:00 - 11:15 Break

11:15 - 12:10 Immunisation

  • Projects in Europe
    • Belgian project on Child Health Immunization
      • This project will focus on the child health funded by RIZIV. ONE is also involved
      • The first workflow is the registration of the vaccination of the Child.
      • Currently the Implementation Guide is available.
      • Next is a reference implementation. And after that vendor will have to implement this standards.
      • It is replacing an existing implementation and moving from a Belgian standard to FHIR.
      • Flanders, Brussels, Wallonie and the German part of Belgium have different implementation and the new implementation should be the standard for all regions.
    • European project on European Vaccination Card Chafea.
      • This is a European Commission program to produce a common digital Vaccination registration to replace the yellow paperbased vaccination cards.
      • An initial track has been started, but the current status is not formally known.
    • Dutch project on logical model of vaccinations.
      • The Dutch Youth Health Program is in production and uses HL7v3 transactions to register the vaccination of children.
      • recently the PHR would like to download their data into their own local PHR system. Therefore Trudy is assigned to project to redesign the logical model of vaccinations.
    • Switzerland : has a common architecture for vaccinations. But cantons can decide to implement their own solution.
      • Should have the same architecture as medication which will incorporate the existing architecture in the new configuration.
      • Exchange format already exists.

  • Starting point is to reviewing the logical modelsof the different countries. We could start with the Belgian model.
  • Comparison of the conceptual models of the different countries:
FHIR immunizations
  • the Dutch model is being reconsidered. We could look at the Dutch Model in December.
  • Will discuss this topic in the IHE Pharmacy technical committee call of December 4th 2020 at 13:30 hour CET

12:10 - 12:15 Any other business

  • We need to find some topics for presenting in IHE Europe.
  • This could be work in progress to find more backing for IHE Pharmacy.

12:15 Adjourn

Pharmacy Planning Committee