Pharm Plan Minutes 2020.10.22

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  • Leonidas
  • Stephane
  • Esther
  • Michael
  • Marc
  • Jose

10:00-11:00 Opening and Committee work

  • Review Agenda
    • Agenda not changed
  • Review previous meeting notes
    • Corrected ( Oliver).
  • Schedule
  • Review and update Wiki
  • General
  • Roadmap
  • Strategic goals
  • Profile status discussion (public comment, final text, deprecated)
  • Which profiles profiles could be set to "Final text"? Candidates? Criteria?
  • Candidates for Final Text are:
    • But here has not enough testing. The results in 2019 with the new profiles are only from North America 2019 connectathon.
    • We decide to postpone to give the status of final text until we have more results from Connectathon. Probably until 2022
    • What is the status of the ELGA users? Is that only trial implementation?

11:00- 11:15 Break

11:15 - 12:00 Marcom & Promotion

  • Feedback from IHE Board meeting
    • Board report has been reported.
    • Comment:
      • Overview of countries and relation to which IHE profiles each country uses
      • The reported was appreciated.
      • Discussion about the HL7 about the product identification.
      • Topic will be further discussed during the supply topic

How to attract more people to IHE Pharmacy

  • Possible leads are the popular tracks:
    • supply
      • people are hesitating to join, because FHIR tools and methods are not clear for IHE profiles.
      • Also looking for backing at the IHE Europe sessions.
      • Looking for topics for November and December sessions.
      • One example are National incentives in Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands.
      • PATH has joined IHE, because HL7 is not really interested in supply. IHE Pharmacy does want to pick this up.
      • IHE will add workflows, which HL7 does not describe.
      • Hospitals are still pondering how to use FHIR. We could advise hospitals with this topic.

    • roll out in Switzerland. FHIR topics.
      • Stephane will promote our team during projectathon and call for volunteers.
      • Companies like HCI, they are reponsible for the pharmacy environment.
      • What about Oliver Egger? Or HL7 Switzerland. If Switzerland is moving from CDA to FHIR then it is important to give feedback about their experience back to IHE Pharmacy.
      • The projectathon organized a projectathon cafe, where Pharmacy was promoted.
    • Finding new topics with broad interest such as Vaccination?

  • Broadcast our message from IHE Pharmacy
  • Webinar series short topics.

12:00 - 16:00 Break

16:00 - 18:00 Supply topics

  • From the Whitepaper the group has set up the logical models.
  • These artificats need a product resource, but in FHIR there are multiple candidates.
    • this could be a device, medication. We are searching for a common product pattern.
    • in the current use case of supply the physical product is the lowest level, for example a manufactured drug, or an electronic device.
    • the discussion within HL7 did not result in a workable solution. IHE Pharmacy has escalated the issue to board level. The suggestion was to organize a JIC to find a solution. This has neen diverted to a Gemini project.
    • Why not start with the requirements for a product in the context of supply and compare the various FHIR resources
    • We cannot wait until the JIC come with a decision. Should continue with use cases you have in supply and look for the best fit of FHIR resources that can be used as product.

  • IHE Pharmacy has a suggestion to set up a new FHIR resource for inventory report
    • category should not be 0 to many instead 0 to 1. (narcotics, cold storage item)
  • Next step is to publish the transactions in IHE.
    • the transaction will be traditional push messages.
    • what would be a potential market for the use of FHIR
    • Leonidas : associations of manufacturers, associations of managers, associations of hospital pharmacist.

Pharmacy Planning Committee