Pharm Plan Minutes 2019.09.26

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Meeting minutes

Thursday, 26th September 2019, 13:00 CET

WebEx details:



  • Participants:
    • Esther Peelen
    • Marc Robberecht
    • Simon Lettelier
    • Leonidas Tzimis
    • Michael Tan (scribe)
  • Review and Approve Agenda
    • Question about the status of the Supply White Paper.
    • Esther and Christian have rendered comments.
    • Jose has to adjust the white paper.

Schedule 2019/2020

  • Current version:
  • There are other coventions in the same week as the IHE Connectathon 202 in Brussels
    • GS1 Healthcare seminar
    • EAHP congress Goteborg.
  • Have toe reconsider the meeting dates of IHE Pharmacy
  • Michael will ask IHE HQ what the plans are for the joint meeting.

Domain Milestone Dates

  • wiki page
  • Decision to wait for the new schedule for the connectathon in 2021
  • Update the wiki during the F2F in Lyon

Domain Roadmap


F2F meeting status


    • Stephane
    • Simon
    • Jose
    • Jacqueline
    • Esther (remote)
    • Leonidas (remote)
    • Marc (?)
    • Juergen (?)
    • Michael

  • 28-29 October 2019, Lyon, France
  • Agenda has been reviewed
  • Anything to add to the agenda?

SDO relations

  • DCC calls
  • HL7 Meeting
    • HL7 WGM Atlanta
    • Jose and Michael attended the meeting.
    • HL7 Pharmacy has renamed the FHIR resource of Medication Statement to Medication Usage in release 4.X.
    • HL7 is taking over more tasks from IHE. An example is the HL7 Pharmacy project from NCPDP.
    • This project not sets FHIR profiles, but also Implementation Guidelines and testing for the pharmacies in the US.
    • IPS FHIR profiles have been balloted. These contain FHIR resources for medication.
    • Jose has discuss the IHE FHIR publication with John Moerke, Graham Grieve, Keith Boone.
    • FHIR release 5 has been postponed.
  • ISO Meeting

Publication of profiles of last season 2018/2019

  • Status
  • Whitepapers are alos published on

Incoming proposals

Existing pending proposals

Any other business

  • IHE Pharmacy has no involvement in Unicom. This is an implementation of IDMP.
  • Some members will join as individuals.
  • Esther has chaired the Marcom team from IHE Europe. Most of the news is about the Connectathon.
  • Any other news could be proposed to the Marcom team through Eshter.

Next Meeting

  • F2F Meeting in Lyon

Pharmacy Planning Committee