Pharm Plan Minutes 2017.11.24

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Meeting details

Friday, 24th November 2017, 13:00-14:30 CET

WebEx details:

Join IHE Pharmacy's WebEx meeting | or go to and paste 956 796 372

Join by phone

  • +33 17091 8646 France toll
  • +43 125 302 1542 Austria toll
  • +32 2894 8317 Belgium toll
  • +41 43456 9564 Switzerland toll

Others phone numbers :

Access code: 956 796 372


  • Welcome / Review of the agenda (5 min)
  • Participants:
    • Jose Costa Teixeira
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Leonidas Tzimis
    • Marc Robberecht
    • Michael Tan ( minutes).

Public comment on MMA and UBP

  • Comments from Michael van der Zel has sent comments on UBP
    • Michael van der Zel wants to add extra information for the appendices. These are not normative and be added later.
    • Remind Michael van der Zel to send the documents. Set deadline to Monday 27th.
  • Check with Simon for comments from HQ. ( Jose)
  • Dimitri has reviewed the UBP document as well and approved the document. Not clear which document. Page 37? Leonidas will send the e-mail with the links to the group. ( Leonidas)

  • The MMA document has been revised directly in the document ( yellow colored)
  • This document is now final and approved by the group and will be sent to Mary Jungers

FHIR Dev Days on MMA and UBP testing

  • Marc and Michael van der Zel have tested the UBP during the FHIR Dev.Days.
  • Touchstone was used for testing. This tool is suitable for FHIR and work profiles in general.
  • Conformance profiles made by Marc/ Michael should be uploaded to the FTP site. This is temporarily.
  • The formal IHE publication method is still under discussion.
  • Also ask Michael van der Zel to send the conformance resources to Jose. Jose will submit on FTP. (Jose)

IHE Connectathon scenario's of MMA.

  • No reply from Eric Poiseau yet. Stephane will inquire with Eric about the status of the testing. ( Stephane)
  • Also suggest Eric to look at Touchstone.
  • IHE Pharmacy to consider in providing testscenario's for the Touchstone.

Planning Schedule TC conf calls

  • F2F in Oslo scheduled on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 of February. No reply from HQ yet. Michael to check with Jeremiah. ( Michael)
  • Correspondence with ISO WG 6 to organize a joint meeting in May 2018 together with HL7 Pharmacy.
  • Michael has approached HL7 and Melva has promised to discuss this topic on the next call on Monday.
  • Jose sees enough reason to get together with ISO WG6 at the GS1 office in Koeln even if HL7 does not participate.
  • The F2F in June is either in Portugal or Create.
  • Leonidas has informed for a F2F in Heraklio and the first replies are positive.

Progress on Workitems

  • Joao has delivered a document on Medication documentation. This will be reviewed and feedback will be sent directly to Joao.
  • Topic will be discussed in Oslo.
  • HL7 is working on Medication Knowledge. This will be usable input for the Catalogue. Pharm is now not picking this up actively.
  • Jose will take the lead on Adverse Event reporting. The FHIR resources are available and this would seem like an easy job. Will be discussed in Oslo.
  • The IHE material will be used on a master thesis on supply in Crete.