Pharm Meeting Minutes 2021.03.17

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Meeting details


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Q1 13:00- 14:30 Change proposals & Medication Lists

  • Participants:
    • Leonidas Tzimis
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Jose Costa Teixeira
    • Michael Tan
    • Jurgen Brandstatter
    • Jacqueline Surugue

Change Proposals

  • Switzerland has recently organized a projectathon. A third projectathon is planned. This includes CDA and FHIR profiles.

Overview: CP Overview

  • CP-PHARM-142 Proofreading / clarifications on CMPD, MTP, PADV profiles
    • Fixes something we have forgotten when we introduced COMMENT.
    • there are 2 definitions on XDS DocumentEntryType as a parameter.
  • CP-PHARM-143 Align definitions of doseQuantity & rateQuantity (PRE profile)
    • Dose and rate quantity is herited from PCC. Is it a quantity or a range. Which unit is allowed.There is a difference with PCC definition.
  • CP-PHARM-144 Forbid the use of ContextConductionInd (CMPD, MTP, PRE, DIS, PADV profiles)
    • Context conduction code. Relationships are inherited along to addtional attributes. There has been a lot of discussion within HL7. Proposed to discourage the use of context conduction
    • A patient could live in another community. Need to forward the information to another community. Can reuse ITI38 and ITI18, but patient ID must be known.
  • CP-PHARM-146 New MHD-based transaction PHARM-5 (CMPD profile)
    • Need to support also RESTbased concepts which is then PHARM-5. Do we need to position it as a new approach to CMPD and not as temporarily solution? Is this a Swiss solution or an International approach? Jose is in a favor to keep low profile.
  • 3 possible solutions.
  • CP-PHARM-147 moodCode for patient-reported medications (MTP, PRE, DIS, PADV, CMA profiles)
    • In case a patient reports medication then it should be a event as mood code. In other cases it will be INT, whcih stands for intent.

For information only:

  • CP-ITI-xxx "RegistryStoredQueryResponse_Message" versus "RegistryStoredQuery_Response_Message" spelling
  • CP-PCC-xxx Order of approachSiteCode, doseQuantity and rateQuantity varies --> may impact IHE PRE & MTP profiles

Medication lists

14:30- 15:00 Break

Q2 15:00- 16:30 Vaccination Topics


Work items

Logical Model

  • WHO model
  • European Model
  • Belgian Model
  • German Model
  • The IHE Pharmacy material can be found here:


  • the WHO FHIR material can be found in Github.

Pharmacy Technical Committee