Patient Plan of Care Profile

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Patient Plan of Care Content (PPOC) Profile

The PPOC Profile that extends the description of content structures for the plan of care in the current technical framework, and is based on data elements from the Nursing Process currently in common use.

The PPOC focuses on the following six components in a clinical document:

1. Assessment

2. Nursing Diagnosis

3. Outcomes Identification

4. Planning

5. Implementation (Interventions)

6. Evaluation

The components of the process are shown: PPOC.jpg

This profile defines the implementation of an HL7 CDA document to represent the data elements needed for care planning, along with the IHE profile bindings to support the exchange of the information. The PPOC is a content profile that is intended to eventually sit within a larger folder structure that contains documents related to continuity of care for the patient. This profile also defines mechanisms to group them into a single logical folder.

Actors and Transactions There are two actors in this profile, the Content Creator and the Content Consumer. Content is generated by a Content Creator and is to be consumed by a Content Consumer. The sharing or transmission of content from one actor to the other is addressed by the appropriate use of IHE profiles described below, and is out of scope of this profile. A Document Source or a Portable Media Creator may embody the Content Creator Actor. A Document Consumer, a Document Recipient or a Portable Media Importer may embody the Content Consumer Actor. The sharing or transmission of content or updates from one actor to the other is addressed by the use of appropriate IHE profiles described by section 3.7 Content Bindings with XDS, XDM and XDR found in the Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework