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* Enterprise-wide information systems that require patient demographics information.
* Enterprise-wide information systems that require patient demographics information.
'''Actors & Transactions:'''

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The Patient Demographics Query for HL7v3 (PDQv3) Integration Profile lets applications query a central patient information server and retrieve a patient’s demographic and visit information.

The functionality of this profile is identical to the PDQ profile described in section 2.2.6 of the IT Infrastructure Technical Framework (Vol1). The differences are in the format of the messages, and in the use of SOAP-based web services. These changes make this profile well suited for use within an existing IT infrastructure for cross-enterprise data access and exchange. The PDQv3 profile provides ways for multiple organizations, or multiple distributed applications to query a patient information server for a list of patients, based on user-defined search criteria, and retrieve a patient‟s demographic information directly into the application.


Simple enquiry for patient demographic information

  • PDQ provides a very simple means for enquiring to receive demographic information, based on:
  • Partial or complete patient name (printed on the patient record or told by the patient)
  • Patient ID (this may be obtained from printed barcode, a bed-side chart, etc.)
  • Partial ID entry or scan.
  • Date of birth / age range
  • Bed ID


The Patient Demographics Query (PDQ) Integration Profile:

  • allows a Patient Demographics Supplier actor to receive a Patient Demographics Query or Patient Demographics and Visit Query request from the Patient Demographics Consumer actor, and returns demographics (and, where appropriate, visit) information.
  • When the Patient Demographics Supplier Actor is grouped with actors in other IHE profiles that perform patient information reconciliation activities (e.g., Radiology PIR), the PDQ Supplier Actor may use the updated information to respond to PDQ Queries. In addition, the Patient Demographics Query Profile may play an integral workflow role in conjunction with other IHE Profiles.

Systems Affected

Systems involved in this profile are:

  • Enterprise-wide information systems that require patient demographics information.




Profile Status: Final Text

Documents: IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework Version 2 or later

  • Vol. 1 - Section 8
  • Vol. 2 - Sections 3.21, 3.22

Underlying Standards:

  • Chapter 2 – Control
  • Chapter 3 – Patient Administration
  • Chapter 5 – Query

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This page is based on the Profile Template

Current: IT Infrastructure Technical Framework.