Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework

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The IHE Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework (PCC TF), defines specific implementations of established standards to promote appropriate exchange of medical information and to coordinate the optimal patient care among care providers in different care settings. It is expanded annually, after a period of public review, and maintained regularly through the identification and correction of errata.

The IHE Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework identifies a subset of the functional components of the healthcare enterprises and health information networks, called IHE actors, and specifies their interactions in terms of a set of coordinated, standards-based transactions, communicating a variety of content. The actors, messaging transactions, and content exchanged are described in further detail in Volume I and II.

Volume I provides an overview of each profile. Volume II provides detailed technical information about the implementation of the transactions and the content exchanged in each of the profiles. Both volumes are available in PDF form. This material has also been made available on the IHE Wiki through the Web links below.

Web Content is used for development only. The normative content of the Technical Framework and its supplements can be found in the PDF links above and can also be accessed from here:

A download of the IHE Patient Care Coordination Wiki containing the web content necessary to implement the profiles is also available from:

This file includes the Web content, and a Schematron file which can be used to validate documents, sections and entries using the templates found in the framework. This file can be unzipped to a folder on your hard drive, with the web content access from the index.htm in the root of that folder.

CDA R2 Content Modules


Each profile is also available on the IHE Wiki the form of a supplement, which contains all of the information from both Volume I and Volume II. This includes all of the details necessary to implement the profile.

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