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IHE Patient Care Coordination (PCC) domain was established in July 2005 to deal with integration issues that cross providers, patient problems or time. It deals with general clinical care aspects such as document exchange, order processing, and coordination with other specialty domains. PCC also addresses workflows that are common to multiple specialty areas and the integration needs of specialty areas that do not have a separate domain within IHE.

IHE Patient Care Coordination manages the PCC Profiles and the PCC Technical Framework.

Timeline : 2007-2008 Development Cycle

Timeframe Activity Scheduled Location
Oct. Submit Brief Profile Proposals to Planning Committee (PC) Oct X - Deadline E-mail
Oct. PC Selects "Short List" of Profiles Sept X T-Con
Jan . PC Selects Final Profiles Jan X Chicago
Mar. Profile development kickoff meeting (TC Meeting) Mar X, 2007 Chicago
Mar. Profile development meeting: finalize supplements for public comment (TC) Mar X, 2007 Chicago
Jun. Publication of Public Comment Supplements Jun X, 2007
Jul. Deadline for submission of public comments of profile supplements Jul X
Jul./Aug. Reconciliation of public comments received (TC Meeting) Aug TBA. 2007 Chicago
Aug. Publication of Trial Implementation Supplements
Aug. Publication of Final Text Technical Framework (if appropriate)
Jan. Test implementations at Connectathon Jan ??-?? Chicago


Current Activity

Contact the PCC Technical Committee if you would like to participate, or watch for Public Comment drafts in mid-July, 2007.


As a Clinician / Patient Advocate

Get involved in the planning committee. This is where the clinical problems are discussed and prioritized. The planning committee is an open group and is interested in having your input! Bring us your interoperability problems! You can also help by participating in the himss showcase scenario definitions.

You can do this by:

Send us a note saying you’re interested so we can get you on the list-serves.

Come to face to face meetings, and attend the telephone conferences. Submit your profile proposals by:

Fill out this template.

  1. Submit the propsal draft to [1].
  2. Attend the november planning meeting to help clarify and prioritize your proposal
  3. Follow up by submitting a the formal proposal
    • Attend the joint planning/technical meeting to explain your idea to the technical committee
    • Any additional resources you can provide toward the problem will help prioritize #* getting your proposal solidified more quickly.

As a Hospital Administrator

In addition to getting involved in the planning committee, hold your vendor accountable. Put a statement in your rfp that indicates you want the vendor to support the actor in the profile you desire.

As an Implementer

Get involved in the Technical Committee. Help make sure profiles are feasible and will work for you. Implement the profile, and come experience the Connectathon. Send us a note saying you’re interested so we can get you on the list-serves.

Profile Selection

These Brief Profile Proposals were submitted for the 2007-2008 Development Cycle:

  • ...
  • ...

These Detailed Profile Proposals were short-listed and evaluated by the Technical Committee

  • ...

These items were selected by the Planning Committee for this Cycle:

Demonstrations & Presentations

Date Location Event Details
2007.02.25-2006-03.01 New Orleans, LA HIMSS 2007 HIMSS Interoperability Showcase

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This page is based on the Domain Template.