PaLM Conf Minutes 2020-August-12

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Name Email
Mary Kennedy
Raj Dash
Rikki Merrick
Craig Sayers
Ralf Herzog
Francesca Vanzo
Dan Rutz
Kevin Schap
David Beckman
James Harrison
Nick Haarselhorst
Ian Gabriel

Next call is September 9, 2020

  • DPIA update
    • DPIA update was sent by Mary for review prior to publication for Trial Publication
      • Riki to send Raj the latest mapping between the specimen DAM and
  • Digital pathology white paper publication
    • Is there a way to publish tis so it is searchable in PubMed
      • Ask Mary Yungers about IHE journal
      • If not, can we submit to a peer reviewed paper
        • Archives
        • JAMIA
        • Others?
  • Specimen DAM to FHIR mapping
    • Many extensions needed, but could not find a way to support move Activity
  • SET review
    • Line 753 – Change LAW to LDA and then update which actor does aliquoting
    • Appendix A – need to change Set to SET
      • Reviewing the EVN codes for pathology
      • EVN-4 is a CWE datatype
        • No length restrictions
        • User-defined
        • Base has:
          • 01 =
          • 02 =
          • 03 =
          • O = other
          • U = unknown
      • Generic operations
        • Do we need to split into Clinical and AP lab, or should we differentiate between changing existing specimen into something new vs just splitting out, but not altering the matrix
      • SNOMED CT has procedure codes for aliquoting, centrifuging, freezing etc – could add more to the specimen preparation hierarchy = 56245008^Specimen preparation (procedure)^SCT
      • Would be hard to pre-define all those operations
      • Suggest for now to use O = other and then have folks elaborate in EVN-4.9 (original text)
      • HOMEWORK: review the proposed descriptions and identify the ones we want to define here
    • Derived Specimen Message Structure (is it ok to use the same message structure for multiple trigger events?)
      • S49 – has SPM and then a group for the derived specimen
      • Add (Source) after the first Specimen
      • Add (Derived) after the Specimen in the Derived Specimen group
      • Intention was to describe each specimen that has been created
      • Need to still define the usage and cardinality for the Derived specimen group entries
        • SGH R [1..1]
        • SPM R [1..1]
        • Observation group [0..*]
        • OBX/SPM R [1..1]
        • PRT/OBX/SPM O [0..1]
  • Action items
    • ALL to think about the codes needed for EVN and bring back suggestions for next call
    • Riki to fill in the latest version of SET with the above comments and send to Alessandro
    • Riki to send the latest version of the Specimen DAM to DICOM mapping to Raj and upload to the wiki page for reference