PCH Planning & Technical Committee

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Scope and Current Work

The IHE DEV PCH combined Planning & Technical Committee addresses both planning and technical issues.

Additional information on profile development activities are detailed on the Personal Connected Health (PCH) Subdomain page.

Current Meetings

T-Cons are generally held every first and third Tuesday of the month, but may be added or re-scheduled when appropriate.

Currently meeting agendas, presentations, notices, and minutes are managed via PCHA Members Collaborative Site (a.k.a. Causeway). Due to the PCHA-private nature of PCHA's Causeway, the Committee co-chairs will share some of that information via PCH Subdomain Google Group. To join ihe-pch-subdomain@googlegroups.com, please contact a committee cochair (see roster).

Committee Membership Roster

The Membership Roster identifies those organizations and individuals who carry out the work of the PCH combined Planning & Technical Committee. Committee participation is open and voluntary.

The current co-chairs of this committee are Thom Erickson (PCHA) and Javier Espina (Philips)

Meeting Notes

PCH Call Summary 20200303

Voting Privileges