PCH Call Summary 20200303

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Jacob Andersen - Alexandra Institute

Paul Schluter - CMI

Barry Reinhold - LNI Health

Brian Reinhold - LNI Health

Thomas Erickson - PCHA

Erik Moll - Philips

Javier Espina - Philips

Martin Rosner - Philips

Monroe Pattillo - Practical Health Interoperability, LLC


1.Alternatives to Simple DIM & Exchange Protocol

2.Path to FDA Approved Multi-Vendor Medical Systems

3.Summit Planning

4.Devices Domain Report

5.Wiki Page

6.Project Reports


8.CODE Report


Presentation available at https://members.pchalliance.org/wg/GTC/document/2170


  • It was agreed there are no less complex alternatives to the simple DIM & protocol effort. The challenges is motivating the industry to adopt any open standard solution.
  • Developing a path to FDA approval of multi-vendor medical systems was explored as a mechanism for creating pull for open standards solution (not simple DIM specifically)
  *FDA currently recognizes IEEE 11073 family of standards.
  *One approach is to provide implementation guidance and testing to facilitate regulatory submissions.
  *Another approach is to secure mandate similar to all EMRs exporting FHIR when asked.
  *It would be relevant to understand Julian Goldman's work.
  *FDA mainly about safety. For interoperability we may also look at other government agencies.
  • It was agreed to plan for F2F in Helsinki and stand ready to participate in Devices Domain. Barry to take lead on simple DIM / D2C project, Keith on Mobile Health Apps, Thom technical marketing, Jacob on CODE.
  • Martin introduced the new PCH subdomain wiki landing page and welcomed comments. Thom to learn timeline for IHE moving to Confluence to determine the level of effort porting to wiki in the meantime.

The next meeting of the PCH is scheduled to be held Tuesday 17 March 2020 via Webex at 12:00 New York, 16:00 London, 24:00 Tokyo. Thank you for your interest and participation.