PCD Transaction List

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ID Transaction Title Profile Source Actor Receiving Actor Notes
PCD-01 Communicate PCD Data DEC Device Observation Reporter (DOR) Device Observation Consumer (DOC)
PCD-02 Subscribe to PCD Data SPD Device Observation Consumer (DOC) Device Observation Filter (DOF)
PCD-03 Communicate Infusion Order PIV Infusion Order Programmer (IOP) Infusion Order Consumer (IOC)
PCD-04 Report Alarm ACM Alarm Reporter (AR) Alarm Manager (AM) Formerly ACM-01
PCD-05 Report Alarm Status ACM Alarm Manager (AM) Alarm Reporter (AR) Formerly ACM-02
PCD-06 Disseminate Alarm ACM Alarm Manager (AM) Alarm Communicator (AC) Formerly ACM-03
PCD-07 Report Dissemination Alarm Status ACM Alarm Communicator (AC) Alarm Manager (AM) Formerly ACM-04
PCD-08 (Reserved) ACM      
PCD-09 Communicate IDC Observation IDCO Device Observation Reporter (DOR) Device Observation Consumer (DOC) IDC WG Web Page
PCD-10 Communicate Infusion Pump Event IPEC Device Observation Reporter (DOR) Device Observation Consumer (DOC)  
PCD-11 (Reserved) ACM      
PCD-12 Retrospective Data Query RDQ Retrospective Data Consumer (RDC) Retrospective Data Reporter(RDR)  
PCD-13 Retrospective Data Reply RDQ Retrospective Data Reporter(RDR) Retrospective Data Consumer (RDC)  
PCD-14 Associate / Disassociate Patient and Devices PCIM Patient Device Association Reporter (PDAR) Patient Device Association Consumer(PDAC)  
PCD-15 Device Management Information Observation (DMIO) MEMDMC Device Management Information Reporter (DMIR) Device Management Information Consumer (DMIC)  
PCD-16 Report Location Observation (RLO) MEMLS Location Observation Reporter (LOR) Location Observation Consumer (LOC)  

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