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Cypress Healthcare Test Tool Collaboration Effort

Cypress is a collaboration effort established to harmonize conformance and interoperability healthcare test tool projects. Cypress's intent is to harmonize, organize, and to extend (where appropriate) the scope of existing tooling efforts. The main goals include:

  • determining the collective requirements of testing and certification bodies,
  • identifying the available tools, frameworks, and tooling gaps,
  • reducing duplication of tool development through an effective collaborative effort,
  • providing a single source site to obtain or reference test tools and materials,
  • providing a medium for open dialog among stakeholders, and
  • establishing a functional model (and to a limited extent develop code) that integrates tooling projects under a unified platform

Cypress is not a formal organization, but a loose collection of organizations committed to the common goal. The group is open to all interested parties. The harmonization effort includes a broad range of standards and certification bodies including but not limited to the suite of HL7 standards, IHE Profiles, HITSP, NHIM, and CCHIT. The founding organizations include the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Integrating the Healthcare Enterprises (IHE), MITRE, Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT), and Canada Health Infoway.

Cypress Link: [1]