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Items 60 - 69 Are Closed

Items 70-79 Are Closed

Items 80-89 are closed

Items 90-99 are closed

Items 100-109 are closed

Items 110-119

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
118 Implementation Guide John Garguilo Apr 21, 2016 OPEN May 2011 F2F, reviewed by TC June 1: John Garguilo will provide a first draft of the Implementation Guide and vendors will be essential contributors. Sept. 5, 2012: Change date to October 19, 2012. Nov. 12, 2012: Change date to March 13, 2013. Jan. 9, 2013: John Garguilo reported Sandra will look at POI supplement as an initial PCD example. John Rhoads noted that an implantation guide is very different than specifications found in the TF. Add Sandra. An example will be provided at the F2F. Change date to April 17. Oct 22, Discussion of progress and planned progress, plan on webex for users in November. Nov 6, 2013: John G – building resources to help implement. Building a guide from the TF, hone in on other items. Will be 2014 Spring f2f Goal – impl gde 0.1 for vol 2. Change date to December 8 January 15, 2014: Still working on PCD-01 walk through. Change date to March 26 June 11, 2014: Build a base implementation guide to follow TF. Change date to Sept 24 October 15, 2014: John G can provide an update at F2F, add to agenda. Two parts – how to build software and also documentation.Change date to F2F. Nov 5, 2014: Still in progress, Dec 3, 2014: First pass will be basic structure. Some will be auto-generated. Will need some help to describe constraints and use cases. Once created, it can be reused in other message types. Change date to end of December. Jan 4, 2015: No change, push to February. Feb 11, 2015: Set date to end of March. April 22, 2015: New NIST tool not quite ready, will update when it's ready. Change date to June 10. June 3, 2015: Change due date to July 1 July 1, 2015: Still working on it, change date to August 19. Aug 19, 2015: In progress, change date to Sept 30. Oct 14, 2015: John will update at F2F, There will be some interim work as well. Oct 22, 2015: Ties to Igamt and tcamt work. Trying to implement PCD-01. Will mirror TF Vol 2, provide more focused device specialization guides. Set date to Dec 31.
Dec 15, 2015: Will likely be a F2F item. Change date to April F2F.

Items 120-129 are Closed

Items 130-139

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
136 WCM Attribute List Paul Schluter, Ken Fuchs Apr 21, 2016 OPEN F2F May 18, 2012: Paul and Ken will take the WCM parameter list to the IEEE meeting next week to seek codes for those attributes currently lacking definition. August 8, 2012: WCM Parameter List: In process. July 10, 2013: Ken reported that some attributes remain to be added to 10101. John Rhoads will ask Jan about the status and Paul offered to add them to 10101a if appropriate. Change date to August 7. Nov 6, 2013: Paul Schluter – John G, please send list of decimal list numbers for Ref ID attributes and scada. Change date to Nov 20, 2013. Feb 19, 2014: Code assignment should be complete by mid March. Change date to March 5 June 11, 2014: May be some more based on prototype. WCM needs an owner, none currently available. Change date to Fall F2F. Nov 19, 2014: Can wait for 10101b. Paul Schluter will work with Chris Courville on this. Change date to Dec 3 2014. Dec 3, 2014: Keep open until after Connectathon. Change title to WCM Attribute List and set date to February. Jeff M will check with Chris, Bikram and Paul Schluter. Set date to mid-March. April 22, 2015: Defer to 10101b. Change date to June 10. June 3, 2015: Change due date to August 5. Aug 5, 2015: 136 - Have a number defined in another partition. May define equivalents in 10101b. Defer to 10101b. Change to Nov 4 TC call. Oct 22, 2015: Can use numeric Ids or annotated ECG. Not a compelling need to include them.Have a good way to show filters. Change to Nov 18.
Nov 18, 2015: Epic can use existing attributes. Change date to Dec 31.
Dec 16, 2015: Will start up again in January. Change due date to F2F April, 2016

Items 140-149 are Closed

Items 150-159 are Closed

Items 160-169 are Closed

Items 170-179

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update
170 Convert IPEC to EC Todd Cooper April 21, 2016 OPEN Spring 2013 F2F: CP to change the name and provide additional changes to convert IPEC to EC. To be completed in time to submit for ballot and TI. August 6, 2014: Change due date to October 8, 2014 October 15, 2014: Push to next cycle Change due date to F2F for brief discussion (15 Minutes). Dec 17, 2014: Change due date to April 2015 F2F. Jan 7, 2015: Cochairs will come up with a direction and bring up to F2F. June 10, 2015: Set due date to June 17. June 17, 2015: Todd disowned it a bit. EC is a higher scale; use IPEC as a specialty of EC. A small number of generalities would cover them. EC was mostly device to device, don't always require human intervention. Joe will contact Todd to discuss at TC, change due date to August and add to agenda. (Check F2F notes). Aug 5, 2015: Joe will ping Todd again. Change date to Sep 2 TC. Sep 2, 2015: Working on IPEC right now. Al working on a sample message, hope to review at F2F. Change to F2F. Oct 22, 2015: Do we take it down a notch and put info in framework, and let device specific groups define as needed (IPEC becomes an example of EC)? IPEC principles can provide a base for others to build on. Close this and open another to create common EC material to go into TF. Owner of new AI – IPEC team and John R. What is the need for this material? Would be a template for other equipment types to build on. Change date to Nov 4.
Nov 4, 2015: Suggest moving this past Connectathon and Showcase. It's a cure with no known disease. Move to April Face to Face. Paul Schluter - May be tied to containment work.

Items 180-189

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update
183 CP for WCM and implementation Chris Courville, Paul Schluter WCM Workgroup Apr 21, 2016 OPEN April 4, 2014: August 6, 2014: Paul Sherman will ping Bikram and Chris for any activity. Change date to August 20. Oct 1, 2014: No specific update, they're working on it. Change to F2F. Oct 23, 2014: Progress on integer/second issue. Chris and Paul Sc will update documentation. Change due date to Dec 17, 2014. Jan 2015: Met 2 months ago with some follow-up. Don't need any changes now, maybe in the future. Most work clarifies text. Change due date to TC call in February. April 22, 2015 Meetings underway. CPs expected, but not before F2f, need to be out by July. IDCO looking at waveforms as well. Move to June 10. Per Chris, WCM work is generic for PCD. change owner to Chris, participants to WCM workgroup. IDCO is participating; Paul Schluter hopes to define WCM as a general drop-in module. Move to June 17. July 1, 2015: Two CPs under way for WCM, Once CP approved WCM Trial implementation will need updated. Change due date to July 15. July 15, 2015: No change, move date to to Aug 5. Add Paul Schluter, there are a couple of CPs related to it. Change Date to Sep 2 TC. Sep 2, 2015: Paul Schluter is sending out tech notes to broader group. Has more topics to explore, such as representing invalid values. Move to Sep 30. Oct 14, 2015: Most issues resolved, haven't had time to complete. Set to F2F. Oct 22, 2015: Will update WCM TI rather than create a CP. Change date to Nov 18.
Nov 18, 2015: Nothing right now, change date to Dec 31.

Dec 15, 2015: Will likely be a F2F item. Change date to April F2F.

186 Review and reformat ftp site CoChairs Jeff McGeath, Paul Sherman Apr 21, 2016 OPEN April 4, 2014: August 6, 2014: Set date to August 20 . Oct 1, 2014: Set as a Face to Face item. Duplicate of item 163 in PC list, close the PC item. Oct 23, 2014: Discussed at F2F. can be risky, as many wiki/web links go straight to ftp files. may be best to archive historical files/folder to start. Nov 19, 2014: Change due date to Dec 17, 2014. Dec 17, 2014: Change date to January. Jan 7, 2015: Move to February. April 22, 2015: Jeff Mc has made progress, to be discussed a F2F. June 10, 2015: Move to June 17. July 1, 2015: Tom will ping Jeff on this and other items. Set date to Aug 5. Aug 5, 2015: Tom to meet with Jeff this month. Change date to Sep 2 TC. Sep 2, 2015: Change date to F2F. Oct 22, 2015: Make Cochairs owners. Change date to Dec 31.
Dec 16, 2015: Nothing new, change date to Jan TC meeting.
Jan 6, 2016: Nothing changed yet, set date to F2F.

Items 190-199

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update

191 Liaise with IDCO on Waveform communication Paul Sc Paul Sc, Chris C April 21, 2016 OPEN June 17, 2015: IDCO is working mostly on waveform and annotating. The sooner we get something nailed down, the better. Paul Sc and Chris working with this group, will keep TC updated. July 1, 2015: IDCO is joining WCM calls, making progress. July 15, 2015: IDCO doesn't plan on changes for 2016 CN, will be ready for 2017. Aug 5, 2015: Will likely make changes next cycle. Change date to F2F. Oct 22, 2015: Liaised, unsure what IDCO will do. Change to Dec 31.
Dec 16, 2015: IDCO group between PCD years. Make a F2F item. Change date to April F2F.
192 FHIR Todd C April 21, 2016 OPEN PCD is staying in touch with FHIR group. Will also share of C4MI work in this area. July 1, 2015: Addressing comments, on track for next review in August.. Aug 5, 2015: Change date to Sep 2 TC. Sep 2, 2015: Change date to F2F. Oct 22, 2015: Change date to Dec 31.
Dec 16, 2015: Will be able to update after Jan HL7 meeting. Make a F2F item. Change date to April F2F.
195 MSH3 Ack at Connectathon John Garguilo Feb 3, 2016 OPEN This is a product of TCAI 178. Gazelle or the NIST tools would have a table to track the vendor names and map that to the Connectathon IP address assignments. If that were in place, the validation engine could then cross reference the sending IP with the known vendor and fail any transactions that have incorrect or empty MSH:3 values. This needs tested and NIST will need info in advance. Gazelle and NIST tools are separate. John G: If info is available, they can validate it. If NIST tools are the consumer, they can parse the info. As a reporter they need it up front to send the message. This info should be entered before Connectathon, but often isn't. Need agreement by all to submit IP addresses before CN. This is mostly a Pre-connectathon participant issue. Already performs in Pre-Connectathon. Set date to Nov 18, 2015.
Nov 18, 2015: Change date to Dec 16.
Dec 16, 2015: Mostly done at Pre-Connectathon. Won't happen before CN, but John will update. Set due date to Jan 20.
Jan 6, 2016: Monitors will see errors at CN if Identifiers aren't used. Should be resolved on site if needed. Paul Sh - check registrants to see if they have EUI-64 entered, then contact them to enter that info. John G will provide a list of Pre-C with EUI-64 to Paul, so he can assemble a list of those that haven't put submitted yet and contact them. How to share this? Maybe a wiki item - discuss at F2F? John R is willing to assemble a wiki page, John G will help. Also, this will be shared with CN monitors at the Connectathon. Keep date as is.
Jan 20, 2016: John G will assemble a guide sheet for the monitors at the Connectathon. Change date to Feb 3, 2016.
196 OPEN
197 OPEN
198 OPEN
199 OPEN

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VA proposal on PulseOx - write up details / issues to TC (Ioana S./Greg S.). Provide mappings to x73 of what VA has from LOINC & SNOMED CT - VA to encode (encode all information?)

F2F Oct. 2011

DCM (Detailed Clinical Model for Devices) - Develop/provide a publication in a form that will be given to IHE-PCD (Ioana S.) due

F2F Oct. 2011






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