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See also PCD Technical Committee Closed Action Items page.

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Items 60 - 69 Are Closed

Items 70-79 Are Closed

Items 80-89

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

82 PCD OIDs & URNs Todd, John Rhoads John Garguilo 2013.04.17 OPEN For history see history tab.

There is an IHE PCD OID page. The IHE Domain Coordination Committee has had a very active discussion re. the management of OIDs within IHE. OIDs will be available when needed. Dec. 9, 2009: Robert reported no news; change to Feb. 4. August 31, 2010: John Garguilo edited action item 67 which needs to follow the management principles established for this action item - 82. See OID page: [[1]]. April 6, 2011: Refers to IHE GForge. The next step is to document its usage. Change date to May 31. August 17, 2011: Change date to Oct. 18. Feb. 8, 2012: Change date to April 23. July 23. 2012: John Garguilo has updated the Wiki page. He noted that some are finding their way into the TF. Some documents have two OIDs to address the need for a hierarchical structure. Sept. 5, 2012: John Garguilo plans to update this in time for the F2F. Nov. 12, 2012: Change date to Dec. 31, 2012. Jan. 9, 2012: John Garguilo asked that members review the PCD OID page (linked from www.ihe.net). He noted that NIST will continue to be more rigorous in testing that OIDs are used in messages. John Garguilo and John Rhoads to update the TF with OID references. He will bring this up at the HL7/IEEE meeting next week. Change date to April 17.

Items 90-99

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

93 Managing Document Versions John Rhoads 2013.04.13 OPEN F2F: research the use of GForge. Feb. 24, 2010: John Rhoads to discuss with Steve Moore. June 30, 2010: John R has received approval to use GForge. Change date to Sept. 30, 2010. April 6, 2011: The next step is to document its usage. Change date to May 31. August 17, 2011: Change date to Oct. 18. Feb. 8, 2012: Change date to April 23. Sept. 5, 2012: John Rhoads will post documentation. Paul suggested a Rosetta for document versions. John Garguilo suggested that groupings of events, terminology might be addressed with OIDs. Paul suggested that a VMD can refer to a strict containment tree, and OIDs for VMDs are available from IEEE if needed. Change date to October 19 and add to F2F agenda. Nov. 12, 2012: Change date to Dec. 31, 2012. Jan. 9, 2013: John Rhoads is working on version control. Change date to April 17.

Items 100-109

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

109 Messages Without Patient Demographics John Rhoads Pump WG 2013.04.15 OPEN Wednesday, Oct. 20: Pumps (and other devices) sending device data in absence of patient demographics. (PIV initiated, to be discussed in Nov. 17th TC meeting). April 6, 2010: Jeff summarized the issue as whether PCD-01 requires patient identity. John Rhoads noted that this is related to PCIM and raises questions about archived data. Change lead to John Rhoads and date to May 4. August 17, 2011: Change date to Oct. 18. Feb. 8, 2012: Change date to April 23, will relate to PCIM. John Rhoads suggested that benefits, risks and risk mitigation should be provided. Change date to October 19 and add to F2F agenda. Manny to let Jeff know. Nov. 12, 2012: John Rhoads to propose a risk management section addressing this issue, considering enterprise, archiving and other elements. This will be balloted. Change responsibility to John Rhoads. Change date to Mar. 13, 2013. Jan. 9, 2013: John Rhoads will put a draft CP on the F2F agenda.

Items 110-119

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
110 WCM Attributes Paul Schluter Ken Fuchs April 1, 2013 OPEN Thursday, Oct. 21: Document ways of representing waveform attributes. Ken suggested similar action for PCD-02. To be discussed Nov 3rd TC meeting. April 6, 2011: Change date to May 11. Add to agenda for the F2F. May 2011 F2F, reviewed by TC June 1: RTM and IEEE, HL7 for WCM: Paul and Ken took the WCM parameter list to the recent IEEE meeting to seek codes for those attributes currently lacking definition, but this was not addressed. This will be an ongoing effort. Some will need to be maintained as Rosetta and not IEEE terms. John Garguilo noted that terminology life cycles were discussed at the IEEE meeting. It was documented and is available from John. Some new terms begin within the RTM, having term codes of zero and then are submitted to the IEEE. Due June 29 for RTM, September 1 for IEEE. July 23, 2012: Paul indicated that this has been incorporated in the new document. Minor changes and corrections are anticipated. It will be shared with Continua and with the IEEE in September. Sept. 5, 2012: Paul noted that Continua will be implementing more waveforms and something may come from that to help move this forward. Change date to April 1, 2013.
117 IDCO Time Stamp WP Tom, Nick IDCO WG, Paul April 1, 2013 OPEN May 2011 F2F, reviewed by TC June 1: Paul will work with IDCO on the time stamp WP. June 29 for status report. Feb. 8, 2012: Discussion reflected the difficulties and limitations, but there is a desire that IDCO address this. Sept. 5, 2012: Change date to April 1, 2013. Jan. 9, 2013: Manny to ping Paul.

118 Implementation Guide John Garguilo April 17, 2013 OPEN May 2011 F2F, reviewed by TC June 1: John Garguilo will provide a first draft of the Implementation Guide and vendors will be essential contributors. Sept. 5, 2012: Change date to October 19, 2012. Nov. 12, 2012: Change date to March 13, 2013. Jan. 9, 2013: John Garguilo reported Sandra will look at POI supplement as an initial PCD example. John Rhoads noted that an implantation guide is very different than specifications found in the TF. Add Sandra. An example will be provided at the F2F. Change date to April 17.

Items 120-129

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

123 IPEC Trigger Event and MDCx terms John Garguilo, Jeff Rinda, Pump WG December 31, 2012 OPEN F2F Oct. 2011: IPEC Devise and add a scheme for Trigger Event (while waiting for a future HL7 version [e.g., 2.8, 2.9]. (1) Recommendation to add to OID Wiki page, perhaps with other IHE-PCD local value sets, trigger events, error codes, etc. (Garguilo). (2) (Rinda and team) - capture MDCX terms in what is needed by IEEE - to speed processing/vetting without prolonged waiting. Cochairs 11/15/11: Change date to Dec. 9. July 23. 2012: Change date to September 30. Nov. 12, 2012: Terms have been identified and more will be added. Add Todd as lead. Change date to December 31, 2012. Jan. 9, 2013: Manny to ping Todd.

126 RTM/RTMMS: Address Missing Descriptions Paul, John Garguilo  ? Open OPEN F2F Oct. 2011: Consider a 'project' or plan of how to identify descriptors in IEEE/missing - start with a search in RTMMS? Figure out, develop a roadmap plan and resource plan of how to resolve what is not complete or missing. (A) List of terms - but no other fields (not as trivial as one might think…); (B) Looking down the descriptor field, it's non-normative - and thus thin (start w/ a search). Question from Todd, item assigned to Jan Wittenber with help from Sandra? July 23. 2012: Pending notification from IEEE. Change date to August 22. November 7, 2012: IEEE has agreed to the inclusion of IEEE terms in the tables. Pending IEEE to provide official announcement making this available through RTMMS by the end of November. Change Descriptor to “Descriptions”. Jan. 9, 2013: no due date; open.

Items 130-139

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
132 Conformance Profiles (XML) John Garguilo Robert Flanders Jan. 30, 2013 OPEN January 4, 2012: Develop Performance Profiles that would be used with tools such as SPY, MWB. August 8, 2012: Conformance Profiles: Name should be Conformance Profiles. John Garguilo indicated that this will provide a more exact language making it easier for implementation and testing, removing ambiguity. He will lead discussion at the F2F, with XML or other source. Change due date to Oct. 16. Nov. 7, 2012: Change name to Conformance Profiles; Change date to Jan. 30, 2013.
135 ACM Recruiting Monroe, Rob Wilder Nov. 28, 2012 OPEN F2F May 17, 2012: Bob Porterfield, Monroe and Rob will actively recruit ACs and phone companies. Manny to remind them. August 8, 2012: ACM Recruiting: Monroe is working with a vendor to interest them in ACM. This will be a new market for the company. Nov. 7, 2012: Add Rob Wilder and change date to Nov. 28, 2012.
136 WCM Parameter List Paul Schluter, Ken Fuchs OPEN F2F May 18, 2012: Paul and Ken will take the WCM parameter list to the IEEE meeting next week to seek codes for those attributes currently lacking definition. August 8, 2012: WCM Parameter List: In process.
137 PIV: User Approval to Initiate Infusion OPEN F2F May 18, 2012: Brad to ask the Pump WG to consider a CP to add to the technical documentation: the final step is user approval to initiate infusion. June 20, 2012: Paul suggested making this optional as a workflow item to be considered for documentation.

Items 140-149

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update
140 Assemble the Baseline Set of Standards for Easy Reference Ioana OPEN Oct. F2F 2012: Assemble the baseline set of standards used by PCD, providing the complete stack or dependency standards/specifications (or pointer to that set). Ioana's suggestion relates to a new user perspective - trying to dive into the specs - what looks deceivingly simple, is not, with layer upon layer. Is this the responsibility of the MDICC?
141 Create Matrix Matching Profiles to Standards Ioana OPEN Oct. F2F 2012: Create matrix, possibly in TF Volume 1 matching profiles to referenced standards.
142 Create a template for Security and Privacy John Rhoads, John Garguilo, Todd, Axel? March 1, 2013 OPEN Oct. F2F 2012: Create a template for Profile Authors for Security and Privacy (as part of a resource page) – John Rhoads noted that this would be PCD specific (as there are differing views from other domains).
143 Describe HL7 Version Implications John Rhoads, John Garguilo, Todd 11/7/2012 OPEN Oct. F2F 2012: Add reference to the HL7 list providing the per version relevance and analysis. Develop a separate PCD section to identify and document the impact of HL7 version changes. HL7 2.8: Monroe noted that ACM and IPEC are affected by 2.8. Todd noted that IPEC has an interest in 2.9. Todd suggested that there be a section in the TF that identifies version change impacts.
144 Rosetta Events and Alarms Paul, Monroe 1/26/2013 OPEN Oct. F2F 2012: Capture 11073 semantics for events and alarms and their phases and content models.
145 Anatomy of an Event or Alarm Paul, Monroe 12/30/2012 OPEN Oct. F2F 2012: Provide Paul feedback on his Event and Alarm Identifiers proposal. Paul created two examples -to compare two approaches of events sent as a phase vs. event, “numeric” and “named” alarm.

146 VA Participation in Connectathon, Showcase Greg, Ioana Manny 12/28/2012 OPEN Oct. F2F 2012: Manny will identify people for the VA to talk with. They are looking at 2014; prepare for this.
147 Edit IPEC Todd 11/14/2012 OPEN Oct. F2F 2012: Todd described the ability of IPEC to inform Event Communication and the Device Specialization Infusion Pump. Todd will edit the IPEC TI version to include the approved CPs and provide it to Mary to publish.
148 Document ACM in an Implementation Guide Steve Merritt, Monroe 12/30/2012 OPEN Oct. F2F 2012: Not yet in TF FT. PCD-05 still in. Coordination with Pump WG produced change in PCD-05 to R42 from R41. Other elements have been updated as well. Document in the user's guide from the purchaser's perspective.
149 POI NIST Tests Ioana, John Garguilo 11/16/2012 OPEN Oct. F2F 2012: Ioana described questions for the participating systems regarding implementation questions. John Garguilo proposed four simple tests. John and Ioana to establish this cycle's tests.

Items 150-159

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update
150 Seek null flavors in HL7 2.9 Doug, Ioana 12/31/2012 OPEN Oct. F2F 2012: For PCIM these could indicate the known missing identification. Ioana believes this should be the responsibility of the developer and the TF can specify how to do this. Added by John G: Real issue is legacy device adapters -more of a gap analysis of what device does NOT support. E.g., Declaring conformance to the delta of what is/not provided by PCD-01 -this would be part of the technical specification. Where would this be defined by the developer?
151 Supportive Testing Manny 11/9/2012 OPEN Oct. F2F 2012: Follow up with Jim St Clair re supportive testing.
152 Improve FTP Site John Rhoads Plannng Committee 3/30/2013 OPEN Oct. F2F 2012: Develop document indicating where new documents should go on the ftp site. Consider finding a way to improve navigation to old documents. John Rhoads indicated there’s a Wiki page providing guidance.
153 OID Concept Definition John Garguilo John Rhoads OPEN Dec. 5, 2012: OID structure (and Wiki page): Transaction vs. Interaction levels. Should the OID be defined to the Interaction Level? Where should this be documented (e.g., TF volume 2)?

154 CPs Resulting From the Connectathon John Garguilo John Rhoads April 17, 2013 OPEN Feb. 20, 2013: Develop CPs resulting from the Connectathon process. John Garguilo encouraged review of supplements that may be included in the TF. He recommended setting a portion of the F2F aside for discussion of the CPs. CPs should be available early in the cycles.
155 Propose Automating Connectathon Documentation Richard Lane Darryl Mellot April 17, 2013 OPEN Feb. 20, 2013: Documentation should be automated; cutting and pasting into Gazelle and the NIST tool was time consuming and potentially error prone. He noted that this would also contribute to the certification process. John Rhoads suggested that PCD discuss the technical issues in depth and prepare a recommendation for the Connectathon leadership. Monroe added that not all messages will be HL7 (e.g., WTCP and IEEE) so the solution should take this into account.

156 Change ACM to Alert Communication Management Monroe May 22, 2013 OPEN Spring F2F: CP to change the names, etc. of the ACM profile to Alert Communication Management with the messages intended for human response (various priorities) to include physiological and technical alarms and advisories (cf alarms) consistent with 11073. May 1: Will be completed this week with pie chart replacing Venn diagram.
157 POI Issues Ioana May 10, 2013 OPEN Spring F2F: Address issues first with NIST then WG meeting. May 1: Message table structure needs additional columns.
158 POI CPs Ioana May 22, 2013 OPEN Spring F2F: Submit planned CPs.

159 POI Rosetta Terms Ioana May 22, 2013 OPEN Spring F2F: Provide table of corresponding LOINC and IEEE codes.

Items 160-169

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update
160 CPs from F2F: Discuss and Ballot CP Editors See Email to Editors OPEN Spring F2F:
(1) Header ACK Submitted by Chris: John Rhoads offered to research the source of the existing requirement in PCD-01. This will be added to a TC agenda and processed accordingly. PCD will seek consistency with PCD-03’s use of ACKs.
(2) Time Zone: Bob and Monroe will prepare the CP to require Time Zone when a time stamp is provided.
(3) Support PCA Device programming in PIV.
(4) Support programming an infusion rate or dose change in PIV.
161 Connectathon Loss of Connectivity Test Manny PCD Connectathon and Showcase WG August 6, 2013 OPEN Spring F2F: Manny will add the aluminum foil test (optional) in this cycle.
162 Data Capture Indicator Manny May 22, 2013 OPEN Spring F2F: Ask the EHR vendors about the current state of affairs. Manny to poll EHR and Interface vendors to learn what is in place. Lab data is likely processed with this in mind. This is not an immediate priority item for solution.
163 Error Codes Jeff Rinda, Todd  ? OPEN Spring F2F: Should Profiles Include Error Codes? Refer to Pump WG (Jeff and Todd) to ask if there is a reason to retain the existing codes or to handle other than MSA, as alarms. May 1: The general solution will be captured in Rosetta; pump specific items in the ACK referred to the Pump WG in the existing implementation. The Pump WG may wish to add alerts. The goal is consistency and unification between all, using the same values for alarms, alerts.
164 Increase Testing Rigor Manny, Paul Sherman PCD Connectathon and Showcase WG August 6, 2013 OPEN Spring F2F: Richard Lane noted we don’t test all mandatory items in a profile. Connectathon test should indicate what optional and mandatory elements are tested. West Health is working to automate testing, logging and that will make more time available and provide other benefits. This could be applied to the Virtual Connectathon as well. The Virtual Connectathon is optional and even the Pre-Connectathon (NIST) testing was on the honor system. John Rhoads added that Virtual Connectathons multiple times a year would be beneficial and that traceability to the profile (i.e., this part of the test is based upon this part of the profile) is desirable.
165 Traceability of NIST test tool and the TF/Profile Richard and Bob May 22, 2013 OPEN Spring F2F: Research the traceability between the NIST test tool and the TF/Profile.
166 Enhancing Pre-Connectathon Testing Richard and John Garguilo May 10, 2013 OPEN Spring F2F: Various components.
167 Versioning and Archiving John Garguilo May 10, 2013 OPEN Spring F2F: John Garguilo will follow up on versioning at the HL7/IEEE meeting in Atlanta. John Rhoads suggested that the TC look at archival records in general
168 Documentation and Testing of Additional Risks Todd, John Rhoads May 10, 2013 OPEN Spring F2F: Monroe recommended that the broader issue of managing risks other than Cybersecurity be brought to the DCC. John Rhoads added that the discussion include reference to risk analysis. Todd indicated that the ITI Security Cookbook is the place where risk management is addressed. There is a clause providing a location to address issues other than security and suggested that John Moerke would be a useful resource. He added that a separate section in the TF would be appropriate. Todd and John Rhoads will initiate a discussion with John Moerke at the Atlanta meeting.

169 Improving Integration Statements Todd, Steve Merritt  ? OPEN Spring F2F: Seek to increase requirements for the IHE DCC lntegration Statement to include mandatory fields; and to address various levels of testing and utilization (e.g., certification). The product registry may lead to a listing of commercially available systems. May 1: Ask Steve to kick off proposal preparation and form tiger team. Richard Lane: Need to consider having participant’s indicate their successful testing of ‘Optional’ or ‘Conditional’ test cases during the Connectathon. This would help support future certification. More importantly, it may assist future purchasers of IHE compliant products in determining if the product is capable of meeting their actual functionality and feature needs. John Rhoads recommended the TC prepare a specific proposal for the DCC. Steve Merritt will be added to initiate the effort. Certification and other elements are involved in the resolution if the IS is to provide all that may be desired.

Items 170-179

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update
170 Convert IPEC to EC Todd Cooper May 1, 2013 OPEN Spring 2013 F2F: CP to change the name and provide additional changes to convert IPEC to EC. To be completed in time to submit for ballot and TI.
171 OPEN
172 OPEN
173 OPEN

174 OPEN
175 OPEN

176 OPEN
177 OPEN
178 OPEN

179 OPEN

Tracking Related Items, 1-20

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VA proposal on PulseOx - write up details / issues to TC (Ioana S./Greg S.). Provide mappings to x73 of what VA has from LOINC & SNOMED CT - VA to encode (encode all information?)

F2F Oct. 2011

DCM (Detailed Clinical Model for Devices) - Develop/provide a publication in a form that will be given to IHE-PCD (Ioana S.) due

F2F Oct. 2011






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