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See also PCD Technical Committee Closed Action Items page.

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Action items updated September 8, 2009

Significant recent changes, other than dates, will be in bold.

Items 60 - 69

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
60 Update TF Todd, Ken John Rhoads 2009.12.18 OPEN Previous history is available on this Wiki (see history tab).

The update will include PIB, SPD. Todd will ask the IHE Cochairs if the format must be changed to the new format or can be left as is. A format change to the TF is anticipated. This would place the boiler plate into volume 0. Manny to develop the essential elements of the Integration Statements and check to see if the requirement for PCD-01 from the DOR to the DOF is clearly written. Robert is leading a group addressing the issues with PAM ITI-30 and 31. Paul noted that web services will provide additional benefits such as security. The profile updates to HL7 v 2.6 will be folded in. Dec. 9, 2009: Change date to Dec. 18. John Garguilo noted Bikram’s observation about OBR field lengths. He recommended discussion and decision, perhaps using RE for those not used. Paul noted that there will be CPs coming out of coordination with Continua. Feb. 24, 2010: Updating TF is in progress, addressing non-controversial items. A draft of Volume 2 will be available shortly. Volume 3, delayed, will contain much of what was in Volume 2. CPs for Continua harmonization will be incorporated after ballot.

66 Prepare profiles for registration. John Garguilo Al Engelbert, Todd Cooper, Robert Flanders. 2010.02.01 OPEN Previous history is available on this Wiki (see history tab).

PCD likely won’t finalize the application until the TF has been updated and following the public comment period. Todd set up Google Group and Wiki Page to establish a baseline. The PCD will work with NIST for validation. It is anticipated that the other PCD transactions shall be registered after PCD-01 is complete. John Garguilo has requested that companies post their profiles at: PCD Year 3 Pre-Connectathon Testing FTP Site. Profiles will be maintained on ftp site. NIST can maintain these under the profile directories. Gary volunteered to develop and maintain MWB profiles for three profiles, including tables (data type and others) are available for future use. Volunteers were requested for the other profiles (ACM PCD-04 through 08). Monroe indicated that only PCD-04 would be stable now. Gary will pick up PCD-04 as well. Manny will talk with Nick regarding IDCO.Gary is maintaining MWB profiles and NIST is developing their profiles. Gary noted that the MWB permits building the message, while that is not available in the NIST tools. John Garguilo noted that the MWB also provides a receiving system for testing.

Items 70-79

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

77 Preparing a Proposal to HL7 for Pharmacy WG (new name) Gary Meyer Jeff Rinda, Al Engelbert 2010.02.20 OPEN Jeff noted this is not a critical issue, but the pharmacy group needs to address the issue. Gary is monitoring the Pharmacy WG. They are focused on community practice. Gary suggested that about a third of this work will be useful for institutional practice. Ruth noted that HITSP is working on the ordering process. NCPCP is working on an HL7 2.5 messaging process. This work is US focused and may become an issue internationally. They may not be interested in addressing this in this cycle (Atlanta the week of Sept. 21). Dec. 9, 2009: Change date to Feb. 20.

Items 80-89

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

82 OID for PCD Todd, John Rhoads 2010.02.04 OPEN For history see history tab.

There is an IHE PCD OID page. The IHE Domain Coordination Committee has had a very active discussion re. the management of OIDs within IHE. OIDs will be available when needed.Dec. 9, 2009: Robert reported no news; change to Feb. 4.

83 MOUs Sandy 2009.02.04 OPEN Follow up MOU status with CIMIT, ASTM. Ken reported that Julian presented this to the ASTM. John Garguilo reported they had a meeting with the FDA and updated them on NIST tools and their work with PCD.
87 IDCO Nick 2009.07.01 OPEN For history see history tab and previous meetings.

Nick Steblay reviewed the public comments received on IDCO. Use case clarification/modification will be addressed in response to Manny’s comment suggesting that a flag be set to indicate clinician review (validation). With regard to identification of the pacemaker, there is a unique identifier for the device that includes vendor, model and in some instances the serial number. Paul noted that the interrogator should be identified for traceability, and use EUI-64. Nick responded that device vendors do not send this now, and this would be an issue. It was agreed that this will be resolved in the future.

89 Verify process for “public comment” period Todd, John Rhoads 2010.01.04 OPEN For history see history tab.

Verify process for “public comment” period, esp. for CPs; verify it is properly and appropriately applied to the RTM updates; publish to TC (esp. CP editors Jeff Rinda & Rugh Berge). John Rhoads has reviewed the ITI procedure and provided a modified version for the PCD. Substantial discussion followed and John will update the diagram. Paul asked if there is an appeal process to resolve conflicts. Todd will research the appeal process.

Items 90-99

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

92 Grouped Actors Manny 2010.01.27 OPEN F2F: Did Kudu registration permit signing up for DOR as a grouped actor? Dec. 9, 2009: Pending discussion at DCC. Change date to end of Jan.
93 Managing Document Versions John Rhoads 2009.11.18 OPEN F2F: research the use of GForge.
94 TF Gaps to Fill Ruth 2009 Nov. 18 OPEN Ruth will check status of ITI HL7 ACK text for PCD-03. Dec. 9, 2009: Manny to ask Ruth to update.
96 Add ITI-31 (PAM PCD) to the TF Robert, John Rhoads 2010.01.27 OPEN November 18: Robert raised the need for ITI-31 for PCD; this will be added to the TF. Robert working on CP; change date to end of Jan.
97 2009.07.01 OPEN
98 2009.07.01 OPEN
99 2009.07.01 OPEN

Items 100-109

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

100 2009.10.05 OPEN
101 2009 Dec. 2 OPEN
102 2009.07.01 OPEN
103 2009.07.01 OPEN

104 2009.07.01 OPEN
105 2009.07.01 OPEN
106 2009.07.01 OPEN
107 2009.07.01 OPEN
108 2009.07.01 OPEN
109 2009.07.01 OPEN

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