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See also PCD Technical Committee Closed Action Items page.

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No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update

196 Add PCD specific values to HL7 table 78 John Garguilo September 1, 2020 OPEN From 2016 NA Connectathon. Status is in PCD TF v5 Vol2 page 119 at line 2890, but not in NIST Tool which only supports values from HL7 Table 0078. We can suggest table changes to HL7, John will take this to HL7.

April 21, 2016: Values are in TF. John will approach HL7 vocab group at their meeting in two weeks. Anticipates no issue. If not successful, will add XML table. Set to PC&TC meeting May 18.

May 18, 2016: Couldn't find the term we wanted to add, please send it to John. Change date to June 1. Should be in Vol 2, reference to table 78. Set to next TC meeting.
June 1, 2016: Change to July 6 TC call.
July 6, 2016: Nothing new, set to next TC meeting.
Aug 3, 2016: Nothing new, set to next TC meeting.
Sep 7, 2016: Will try to present at HL7, set to Oct PC/TC meeting. Set to Oct meeting.
Oct 5, 2016: Contacted Vocabulary working group, almost done. Will extend tables with appropriate codes. A simple add to get the changes put in. Set to F2F.
Oct 12, 2016: Add PCD specific values to HL7 table 78 – pp61 discusses it, we have values not in HL7. HL7: write up proposal for them to approve or not. These are generic enough for other to use them, it is also a way to get some null values in there. Can we create a local table to address it – Yes. We will need to do that for the Connectathon. But was only checked against HL7 table for DEC; need to add a local DEC table. May want to define a write operation as well. Targeting HL7 Jan 2017 to have values added to Table Set due date to Feb TC meeting.
Feb 1, 2017: Will submit to HL7 vocabulary group. Will present to May HL7 meeting. Review May 17th PC and TC.
May 17, 2017: Needs some paperwork done and sent, should be done in a month. Review June 21.
July 12, 2017: Nothing new. Review at Aug TC.
Aug 15, 2017: No new information, move to Sep meeting.
Sep 27, 2017: No update, effort to get these formally into HL7. John will contact Ted Klein at HL7, set to Oct TC.
Oct 5 2017: Validated and put in tool. Contacted Ted Klein, moving forward. Should be completed Nov 29. Set to Dec TC.
Dec 20 2017: John not available, move to Jan TC meeting.
Jan 3, 2018: No update, move to Feb TC.
Feb 7, 2018: John still needs to submit something. Set to March TC meeting.
Mar 21, 2018: No update, move to Apr F2F.
April 12, 2018: John not available, move to April PC&TC.
April 19, 2018: No update, move to May TC meeting.
May 2, 2018: Work continues, hope to make progress from HL7 meetings. Set to June TC meeting.
June 13, 2018: No new info, move the joint PC&TC meeting.
June 27, 2018: John G not available, set to next TC meeting.
July 25, 2018: No update yet, set to Sept TC meeting.
Aug 15, 2018: John submitted info to Ted Klein, will need to follow up at HL7 meeting. He can update at F2F.
Oct 18, 2018: John not available, move to next TC meeting.
Nov 5, 2018: No new info, next HL& should provide update. Set to Jan meeting.
Jan 2, 2019: NIST unavailable, set to Feb meeting
Feb 6, 2019: John not here, move to Joint PC/TC
Mar 6, 2019: John not available, move to F2F
Apr 25, 2019: John will get it in as soon as he can. Review in June
June 5, 2019: John not on call, set to July meeting
July 10, 2019: No change, move to August
Aug 7, 2019: Checks data validity. John not available, move to next month.
Sep 4, 2019: No update, move to next month.
Nov 6, 2019: No update, move to Dec.
Dec 4, 2019: Review after next HL7 meeting. Move to March.
March 4, 2020: John not available, move to April meetings
April 1, 2020: May HL7 cancelled, unable to do anything for now, move to September meeting.

Items 200 - 209

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
200 MDS and VMD Requirements Paul Schluter Oct F2F, 2020 Open June 27, 2018: Created. Need to make consistent, so they can be applied uniformly by NIST tool. Set to next TC meeting
July 25, 2018: No update yet, move to F2F TC meeting.
Oct 18, 2018: Loose, not tested by NIST tools. Required disclosure at CMI. Need to assemble ‘uber’ models. How rigorous. Part may include retrofitting specificity in TF. May need general x-type path. May be able to use a tool like FHIR’s to create the containment models. Also want to clearly state what containment is. Discussed options and current process with some examples. Need to work out wrinkles for multiple devices doing the same thing. Need to solve persistence issue. Example: BP monitoring channels, when expanding channels, need to ensure the original maintains its channel number. Discussed different IV pump models as well as monitoring. Found a challenge with ACM; Alarms and other messages. If the alarm is in the first message, then another message is generated with another field completed, the alarm may not be at the same location in the message. Oliver will draft a White Paper to address MDS, persistence and channel identification, what works, doesn’t work and mine fields. He has a lot of notes already. Will review Dec TC meeting.
Dec 19, 2018 - Using it, NIST working on it. Until 10101r is out the door, won’t be able to focus on it. Not sure next stage of ‘done’ is. Push out to February, and discuss at DPI meetings.
Feb 6, 2019: Nothing right now, move to next TC.
Mar 6, 2019: Should be able to start on it again soon. Review next PC&TC
Mar 20, 2019: No new info, could use a ½ hour discussion at F2F. Set to F2F
Apr 25, 2019Related to the OBX-4 question, need to figure out what to do. It is a ‘should’, do we make it a ‘shall’? If so, we need to let implementer know well before Connectathon. Include Lexicographic order. Move out to June meeting.
June 5, 2019: Tabled for now, move to July
July, 10, 2019: Paul not here, fair amount of discussion recently. Michael Faughn working on RTMMS, which will help. Also need to work on TF and IGAMPT. Move to August
-Aug 7, 2019: Will work on it after Events and Alerts. Michael and Nicholas will work on it when they have time. Move to September.
Sep 4, 2019: Should be able to convene a call and take care of it. Move to October
Nov 6, 2019: Some progress, move to Dec.
Dec 4, 2019: No new info, move to Feb.
Feb 5, 2020: Making progress, move to F2F.
Apr 23, 2020 - Containment modeling important, can resolve problems, especially during Connectathon. Asking those that need terms to create containment models. This limits the need for inspecting messages by hand, as computers are much better at it. He, Michael, and Brian are working on consistent output data as well. NIST is working with CDC on a similar issues regarding COVID-19 tracking. Inconsistent data quality is an issue for them as well. John G – Nicholas will have some info that will help later during F2F. Move to next F2F.
201 Pump utilization - publicizing Paul Sherman Paul Sherman, Kurt Elliason, Tom Kowalczyk, Dalibor and Vishal June 3, 2020 Open July 11, 2018: Dave Dickey presented at HIMSS this year, but no reference to PCD. Could use them as a ‘live’ deployment. AAMI is willing to publish something, Paul Sherman will work on a document. Also suggest a White paper: Can be done any time, just need to let Mary know. Tom, Kurt, Dalibor and Vishal are willing to work on this.
Sep 19 - no new activity, set to F2F.
Oct 18, 2018: AAMI article – AAMI willing to publish an article, Paul still needs to put it together. White Paper – No progress either. Set to Dec TC call.
Dec 19, 2018 - No new info, set to January call.
Jan 2, 2019: No activity - Paul Sherman will ping the others, set to next month.
Feb 6, 2019: B Braun will meet with to Dave Dickey and bring it up. Paul included this as an item in a recent IHE Int’l article. Set to next TC.
Mar 6, 2019: BBraun talking to Dave Dickey, working on an implementation at Sarasota Springs hospital. Should have good material by next month. Push to F2F
Apr 25, 2019: Tom has some info. Create a white paper for HIMSS and IHE. Move to June meeting..
June 5, 2019: No new info push to July meeting
July 10, 2019: Nothing new, move to August
Aug 7, 2019: Nothing new, move to September.
Sep 4, 2019: Paul will use this for AAMI submission. Move to next month.
Nov 6, 2019: MDExpo sent Paul Sherman an RFP for their next conference. He may submit. Move to Dec.
Dec 4, 2019: AAMI did not accept Paul’s proposal, will submit to MDExpo. Move to Jan.
Jan 8, 2020: Paul will also propose an update to ACCE, Move to Feb.
Feb 5, 2020: Not much yet, move to F2F
April 23, 2020: IEEE 1847 will help this effort. Due to schedule conflict, Paul didn’t submit to MDExpo April. Move to May TC.
May 20, 2020: Nothing new, move to June
June 3, 2020: Nothing new, move to July

202 MEMDMC CP to make PID and PV1 segments optional Monroe Pattillo Dalibor, John Rhoads Oct F2F, 2020 Open Apr 25, 2019: MEMDMC profile to change via CP to use a message template of ORU_R(as allocated by O&O) which affords it the ability to make the usage of the PID and PV1 segments as optional for MEMDMC use cases. If PID and/or PV1 segments are present they should be populated per the IHE PCD TF. We did this with ACM, so should be able to do so in MEM.
May 1, 2019: Getting a new trigger event from HL7. We can start testing to this. Won’t make official until HL7 releases new normative. Will need to talk to NIST about flagging this in testing. Set to June TC.
June 5, 2019: Dalibor not here, move to July meeting.
July 10, 2019: Nothing new, move to August.
Aug 7, 2019: HL7 change, NIST tool isn't clear on how to communicate needed info. Add John Rhoads to Participant list.
Sep 4, 2019: Up to HL7 meeting to communicate MEMDMC msg. Conflict in use of PID segment. MEMDMC needs it’s own trigger. Monroe will send to John G for the agenda. Move to October.
Nov 6, 2019: At HL7 O&O. They have a huge backlog, will take time. Problem with HL7 standard, a bit of an unstable reference loop. Is it possible to ‘pre-adopt’ the triggers? Yes, if HL7 says they will create them. Move to Dec.
Dec 4, 2019: Still waiting on HL7. Review in March.
March 4, 2020: Waiting for HL7. In the queue, not discussed yet. Needs a promoter on the committee at HL7 O&O to ensure it’s addressed. John Rhoads will disuss with a member. Move to F2F.
Apr 23, 2020 - Once triggers are officially committed by HL7, they can implement it. Monroe isn’t sure should be actually owner of this. John Rhoads talks to O&O a lot. They have a lot to do with limited resources. He will take ownership. Move to next F2F.



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VA proposal on PulseOx - write up details / issues to TC (Ioana S./Greg S.). Provide mappings to x73 of what VA has from LOINC & SNOMED CT - VA to encode (encode all information?)

F2F Oct. 2011

DCM (Detailed Clinical Model for Devices) - Develop/provide a publication in a form that will be given to IHE-PCD (Ioana S.) due

F2F Oct. 2011 Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017: Reviewed at F2F. Unanimous decision by TC to sunset this item.
3 SFT Segment - Desire to include info from pumps, software segment preferred. F2F April 12, 2018






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