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See also PCD Technical Committee Closed Action Items page.

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Items 60 - 69

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
60 Update TF Todd, Ken John Rhoads 2011.12.31 OPEN Previous history is available on this Wiki (see history tab).

The update will include PIB, SPD. Todd will ask the IHE Cochairs if the format must be changed to the new format or can be left as is. A format change to the TF is anticipated. This would place the boiler plate into volume 0. Manny to develop the essential elements of the Integration Statements and check to see if the requirement for PCD-01 from the DOR to the DOF is clearly written. Robert is leading a group addressing the issues with PAM ITI-30 and 31. Paul noted that web services will provide additional benefits such as security. The profile updates to HL7 v 2.6 will be folded in. Dec. 9, 2009: Change date to Dec. 18. John Garguilo noted Bikram’s observation about OBR field lengths. He recommended discussion and decision, perhaps using RE for those not used. Paul noted that there will be CPs coming out of coordination with Continua. Feb. 24, 2010: Updating TF is in progress, addressing non-controversial items. A draft of Volume 2 will be available shortly. Volume 3, delayed, will contain much of what was in Volume 2. CPs for Continua harmonization will be incorporated before the revised TF is issued for ballot. June 30, 2010: Change date to Sept. 15. September 22, 2010: Todd is working on TF Volume 3 which will include what was Volume 2 Appendix D. Manny to ask Todd for a potential date. April 6, 2010: Change due date to April 27 and note open ballot. John Rhoads noted that one more CP regarding OBX-18 may come in response to the ballot. Then a new TI version will be developed with items not yet ready for FT. May 2011 F2F, reviewed by TC June 1: FT will be balloted by June 15 and Ken, John will edit Volumes 1 and 2 for next iteration in the future. August 17, 2011: Volumes 1 and 2 have been published in Final Text. Todd is working on volume 3. Todd is also working on a CP to clarify the security wording.

66 HL7 IHE-PCD Integration (Message) Profiles (i.e., Message Workbench [MWB] profiles) John Garguilo Al Engelbert, Todd Cooper, Robert Flanders. OPEN OPEN Previous history is available on this Wiki (see history tab).

Gary volunteered to develop and maintain MWB profiles for three profiles, including tables (data type and others); initial versions are available and can be enhanced for future (cycles) use. Gary is maintaining MWB profiles and NIST bases/develops their message context validation files based on the MWB HL7 profiles. Volunteers are requested to help on the other profiles (ACM PCD-04 through 08). For ACM, Monroe indicated that only PCD-04 is currently stable. Gary will work on PCD-04 as well. Manny will talk with Nick regarding IDCO (for PCD-09). Gary noted that the MWB tool permits building the message, while that is not available in the NIST tools. John Garguilo noted that the MWB also provides the capability to execute (or simulate) a sending/receiving system for testing. NIST is working on building Test Agents to achieve similar functionality and John will provide updates as the Agents are written in software. September 22, 2010: John Garguilo will ask members to take responsibility for maintaining the profiles and keep the latest version on the ftp site. Companies will be able to constrain these further. Gary will lead an effort to coordinate this. Manny indicated that the MWB and Peter Rontey’s tutorial are posted on the ftp site. If any changes are required members should send Manny an email. Peter has limited time available because his responsibilities have changed. He may have room in an upcoming tutorial but is not offering tutorials regularly. April 6, 2010: John Garguilo suggested that this will be less of an issue with further development of NIST tools. John Garguilo will take the lead and attempt to gather the latest versions. He noted that Peter Rontey is unable to maintain the tool, but it may still be useful as a system to test against until the NIST tool provides that service. Al noted that another use for the MWB is to have a local system. John Rhoads suggested that it also provides useful reports. HL7 continues to recognize the MWB as a tool. Al asked if the NIST tool will produce an XML conformance profile. The NIST tools will accept XML profiles and might provide the conformance profile to use in the MWB. This will permit the MWB profiles to be updated in synch with NIST updates. John Rhoads suggested that GForge be used for version control. Date changed to May 31. August 17, 2011: Change date to Open.

Items 70-79

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

Items 80-89

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

82 PCD OIDs & URNs Todd, John Rhoads John Garguilo 2011.10.18 OPEN For history see history tab.

There is an IHE PCD OID page. The IHE Domain Coordination Committee has had a very active discussion re. the management of OIDs within IHE. OIDs will be available when needed. Dec. 9, 2009: Robert reported no news; change to Feb. 4. August 31, 2010: John Garguilo edited action item 67 which needs to follow the management principles established for this action item - 82. See OID page: [[1]]. April 6, 2011: Refers to IHE GForge. The next step is to document its usage. Change date to May 31. August 17, 2011: Change date to Oct. 18.

Items 90-99

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

93 Managing Document Versions John Rhoads 2011.10.18 OPEN F2F: research the use of GForge. Feb. 24, 2010: John Rhoads to discuss with Steve Moore. June 30, 2010: John R has received approval to use GForge. Change date to Sept. 30, 2010. April 6, 2011: The next step is to document its usage. Change date to May 31. August 17, 2011: Change date to Oct. 18.

Items 100-109

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
108 Prioritize Escalated Alarms Monroe Pattillo ACM WG December 8, 2010 OPEN Wednesday, Oct. 20: ACM - AC will prioritize alarm and communication when messages are escalated. ACM will add a requirement to notify the person receiving an escalated message that the alarm has been escalated and has an associated delay from the initial alarm. The AC may make decisions on how to prioritize and escalate the message. This may have implications for the AM and perhaps AR. April 6, 2010: Change date to May 31.

109 Messages Without Patient Demographics Jeff Rinda Pump WG October 18, 2011 OPEN Wednesday, Oct. 20: Pumps (and other devices) sending device data in absence of patient demographics. (PIV initiated, to be discussed in Nov. 17th TC meeting). April 6, 2010: Jeff summarized the issue as whether PCD-01 requires patient identity. John Rhoads noted that this is related to PCIM and raises questions about archived data. Change lead to John Rhoads and date to May 4. August 17, 2011: Change date to Oct. 18.

Items 110-119

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
110 WCM Attributes Paul Schluter Ken Fuchs December 8, 2010 OPEN Thursday, Oct. 21: Document ways of representing waveform attributes. Ken suggested similar action for PCD-02. To be discussed Nov 3rd TC meeting. April 6, 2011: Change date to May 11. Add to agenda for the F2F. May 2011 F2F, reviewed by TC June 1: RTM and IEEE, HL7 for WCM: Paul and Ken took the WCM parameter list to the recent IEEE meeting to seek codes for those attributes currently lacking definition, but this was not addressed. This will be an ongoing effort. Some will need to be maintained as Rosetta and not IEEE terms. John Garguilo noted that terminology life cycles were discussed at the IEEE meeting. It was documented and is available from John. Some new terms begin within the RTM, having term codes of zero and then are submitted to the IEEE. Due June 29 for RTM, September 1 for IEEE.
111 MEM Networked Medical Device Proposal Axel John Rhoads, Dominick, Richard, Ken, Khalil October 18, 2011 OPEN May 2011 F2F, reviewed by TC June 1: Axel will update the proposal and recruit a WG from the vendor and CE-IT community to prioritize and disseminate aspects as they are addressed. Ken suggested that ITI expertise and collaboration are desired, and that ITI may want to take the lead. John Garguilo noted that NIST has done some work in this area that may be helpful. He will investigate and bring the information to this WG. John Rhoads, Dominick, Richard, Ken, and Khalil volunteered and Brad offered to seek a Carefusion representative. August 17, 2011: Additional terms will be required in RTM. Change date to Oct. 18. There will be a meeting in Andover with Webex support regarding collaboration with ITI on security. It will include discussions on coordination between PCD and ITI. Change date to Oct. 18.
112 RTM and IEEE, HL7 for MEM Paul Steve Merritt October 18, 2011 OPEN May 2011 F2F, reviewed by TC June 1: Steve provided a list of MEM data to Paul for discussion at the recent IEEE meeting. It wasn’t addressed at the meeting. August 17, 2011: Change date to Oct. 18.
113 Containment Issue John Rhoads John Garguilo October 18, 2011 OPEN May 2011 F2F, reviewed by TC June 1: John Rhoads will lead further discussion of the Containment Issue. Due after next HL7 meeting, September 21. August 17, 2011: Change date to Oct. 18.
114 Revise Existing, Develop New Tests Manny, John Garguilo WG Members August 1, 2011 OPEN May 2011 F2F, reviewed by TC June 1: Manny to facilitate efforts by NIST, vendors and him to review and update the tests over the next several months. Parts of two meetings have addressed DEC tests and there have been robust discussion to date. John and Manny may request time in the WGs’ meetings for detailed discussion of the other tests. August 1. Manny to seek time on WG agendas for the reviews.
116 IDCO CPs Tom, Nick IDCO WG June 29, 2011 OPEN May 2011 F2F, reviewed by TC June 1: Tom and Nick will move the CPs to have them available for ballot no later than the end of June.
117 IDCO Time Stamp WP Tom, Nick IDCO WG, Paul June 29, 2011 OPEN May 2011 F2F, reviewed by TC June 1: Paul will work with IDCO on the time stamp WP. June 29 for status report.

118 Implementation Guide John Garguilo August 31, 2011 OPEN May 2011 F2F, reviewed by TC June 1: John Garguilo will provide a first draft of the Implementation Guide and vendors will be essential contributors.

Items 120-129

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
120 ADQ Next Steps John Zaleski Dec 31, 2011 OPEN F2F Oct. 2011: Complete Draft Version of Document, send document out for public comment/review.
121 ACM ADQ-DDA CP Monroe Pattillo ___ OPEN F2F Oct. 2011: Submit a CP around the absence of an AA actor and the option to use the proposed ADQ-DDA actor in place of AA.
122 Wiki Page for Local Information John Garguilo November 30, 2011 OPEN F2F Oct. 2011: Add IHE-PCD Wiki page which provides local information - to include 'local' Trigger Events (labels starting with ^Z01). This page should also include other local IHE-PCD information such as local value sets, error codes, etc. Recommendation was to add this information to the existing OID page for IHE-PCD.
123 IPEC Trigger Event and MDCx terms John Garguilo, Jeff Rinda, Pump WG November 30, 2011 OPEN F2F Oct. 2011: IPEC Devise and add a scheme for Trigger Event (while waiting for a future HL7 version [e.g., 2.8, 2.9]. (1) Recommendation to add to OID Wiki page, perhaps with other IHE-PCD local value sets, trigger events, error codes, etc. (Garguilo). (2) (Rinda and team) - capture MDCX terms in what is needed by IEEE - to speed processing/vetting without prolonged waiting.

124 WCM Recast Ken Fuchs John Rhoads ___ OPEN F2F Oct. 2011: Restructure Document, consider an Actor Option (note: Option has to do w/ profile - e.g., Waveform option for DEC), add changes identified by the test effort (pointed out in Sandra's slides). If possible, demonstrate this work as part of HIMSS '12 'New Directions area' or within a PCD story - possibility to demo/proof of concept WCM at Connectathon and/or Virtual Connectathon. Manny will investigate new directions area at HIMSS12 (see PC action items). Provide a spreadsheet providing list of waveforms, and research waveform types (John).

125 PCIM Robert Flanders, Todd Cooper PCIM WG __ OPEN F2F Oct. 2011: Get feedback of approach from cendor community, integration folks (what are the adoption preferences for PDQ, PAM, others?). Consider safety issues around patient identity (Todd), contact AAMI and include in report to Mary from Todd. Later: Manny’s question: is this an opportunity for a presentation at AAMI in 2012 or a paper?
126 Paul  ? __ OPEN F2F Oct. 2011: Consider a 'project' or plan of how to identify descriptors in IEEE/missing - start with a search in RTMMS? Figure out, develop a roadmap plan and resource plan of how to resolve what is not complete or missing. (A) List of terms - but no other fields (not as trivial as one might think…); (B) Looking down the descriptor field, it's non-normative - and thus thin (start w/ a search). Question from Todd, item assigned to Jan Wittenber with help from Sandra?

127 DCM (Detailed Clinical Model for Devices) Ioana __ OPEN F2F Oct. 2011: Develop/provide a publication in a form that will be given to IHE-PCD
128 Harmonization of Security Considerations Todd __ OPEN F2F Oct. 2011: Finalize and submit CP - across profiles regarding harmonization of security considerations text. Request more detailed scope from Todd.
129 TF Volume 2 to Include Examples Todd Al Engelbert, Robert Flanders __ OPEN F2F Oct. 2011: Consider a change to TF Vol II to include examples of containment sequencing.

Items 130-139

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

130 OPEN
131 OPEN
132 OPEN

133 OPEN
134 OPEN
135 OPEN
136 OPEN
137 OPEN
138 OPEN

139 OPEN

Items 140-149

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update
140 OPEN
141 OPEN
142 OPEN
143 OPEN

144 OPEN
145 OPEN

146 OPEN
147 OPEN
148 OPEN

149 OPEN

Items 150-159

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update
150 OPEN
151 OPEN
152 OPEN
153 OPEN

154 OPEN
155 OPEN

156 OPEN
157 OPEN
158 OPEN

159 OPEN

Items 160-169

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update
160 OPEN
161 OPEN
162 OPEN
163 OPEN

164 OPEN
165 OPEN

166 OPEN
167 OPEN
168 OPEN

169 OPEN

Items 170-179

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update
170 OPEN
171 OPEN
172 OPEN
173 OPEN

174 OPEN
175 OPEN

176 OPEN
177 OPEN
178 OPEN

179 OPEN

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