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(Items 190-199)
(Items 190-199)
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:'''April 19, 2018:  No update, move to May TC meeting.'''
:'''April 19, 2018:  No update, move to May TC meeting.'''
| align="center" | 198
| '''<Action Item>''' | Draft EC overview for Tech Framework
| '''<Owner>:'''  | John Rhoads
| '''<Participants>''' |
| '''<Due Date>'''  | April 12, 2018
| '''<Status>''' | CLOSED
| '''<Comments>:'''  | Follow up to Action item 170. 
:Have a small note in V1, more detail in V2.
:John will provide update at F2F, postpone until then.
:April 5, 2017: From F2F -    Quick Review: WP reviewed, issued for public comment, comments resolved. Updated document will go to TC for final review then off to IHE for publishing. Changes – Covered applications and supplied IHE diagrams.  Review at May TC.
: May 3, 2017:  Some progress.  IPEC episodic observations, building a framework for that that will apply to other profiles.  Move to next TC.
: June 7, 2017:  Nothing for now, set date to TC just before F2F.
: Sep 27, 2017: After TF update, will start as an internal white paper, then discuss and send out, ultimately as a profile supplement.  Set to Nov TC.
: Nov 1, 2017: Some more text written, not ready to share yet, set to Dec meeting.
: Dec 20 2017:  John not available, move to Jan TC meeting.
: Jan 3, 2018: No update, move to Feb TC.
: Feb 7, 2018:  Will discuss before F2F.  Set to F2F.
:'''April 12, 2018:  Discussed, will be published - close'''
| align="center" | 199
| '''<Action Item>''' |  SFT Segment
| '''<Owner>:'''  | John Rhoads, Jeff Rinda
| '''<Participants>''' |
| '''<Due Date>'''  | April 12, 2018
| '''<Status>''' |Parking Lot
| '''<Comments>:'''  | Follow up to discussion at Oct 2016 F2F.
: Feb 1, 2017:  Desire to include info from pumps, software segment preferred.  Legal to use, but not in TF.  Will need a CP, discuss at a next pump group meeting and prepare.  Set to March TC meeting.  Add Jeff Rinda as an owner.
: March 1, 2017: No new info, postpone until F2F
:April 5, 2017:    the pump group tried to bring up the RTMMS tool with partial success. Afterward, nothing was in. What do they need to do to move it forward? John G walked through the website. How do we edit x73 tab? Any desired edits go to a ‘bin’ for review and potential inclusion. The changes won’t directly replace that text, but will be added as additional reference info. Can send Nicholas a spreadsheet with the needed terms and supporting info; he will upload them as needed. Will need a new bin, mechanism to export. If you want to revise x73, need a mechanism to send it forward. Everyone has vendor access, Jeff has SVO access. If they edit that, where does it propagate? To the proposed terms table.  Moving forward – WG will create a spreadsheet with all changes, then submit it to Nicholas for loading into RTMMS. They can edit in the vendor table (except Jeff)- they can submit that way. They are trying edit a lot of things; will focus on those they can edit, then look at how to take care of the rest of the changes. Went through the process while in the Infusion Pump WG account.  Set to May TC.
:May 3, 2017:  No new information, need to define what is to goes into it.  Move to June meeting and remind Jeff Rinda.
:June 7, 2017:  Nothing for now, set date to TC just before F2F.
:Sep 18, 2017:  Per email with Jeff Rinda, will discuss at F2F.
:Oct 5, 2017:  No new info, set to Nov TC meeting.
:Nov 1, 2017:  Needs some definition, nothing new since the F2F, set to Dec meeting.
:Dec 20 2017:  John and Jeff not available, move to Jan TC meeting.
:Jan 3, 2018: Status unsure.  Jeff doesn’t seem interested.  Set to F2F for final determination.  Need to see how this works with MEMDMC or have alternative for info.  Move to F2F.
:Feb 7, 2018: Fairly sure this will not be continued'''
:March 30, 2018 (Jeff's comment): This was discussed a while back when it was suggested that the Rosetta term MDC_ID_PROD_SW be used aong with a delimiter-separated list of the various software names/versions in OBX-5.  As a result there is no need to use the SFT segment.  OK to close this action item.
:'''April 12, 2018:  No need to pursue, no interest, place in parking lot.'''

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Items 190-199

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update

196 Add PCD specific values to HL7 table 78 John Garguilo Apr 12, 2018 OPEN From 2016 NA Connectathon. Status is in PCD TF v5 Vol2 page 119 at line 2890, but not in NIST Tool which only supports values from HL7 Table 0078. We can suggest table changes to HL7, John will take this to HL7.

April 21, 2016: Values are in TF. John will approach HL7 vocab group at their meeting in two weeks. Anticipates no issue. If not successful, will add XML table. Set to PC&TC meeting May 18.

May 18, 2016: Couldn't find the term we wanted to add, please send it to John. Change date to June 1. Should be in Vol 2, reference to table 78. Set to next TC meeting.
June 1, 2016: Change to July 6 TC call.
July 6, 2016: Nothing new, set to next TC meeting.
Aug 3, 2016: Nothing new, set to next TC meeting.
Sep 7, 2016: Will try to present at HL7, set to Oct PC/TC meeting. Set to Oct meeting.
Oct 5, 2016: Contacted Vocabulary working group, almost done. Will extend tables with appropriate codes. A simple add to get the changes put in. Set to F2F.
Oct 12, 2016: Add PCD specific values to HL7 table 78 – pp61 discusses it, we have values not in HL7. HL7: write up proposal for them to approve or not. These are generic enough for other to use them, it is also a way to get some null values in there. Can we create a local table to address it – Yes. We will need to do that for the Connectathon. But was only checked against HL7 table for DEC; need to add a local DEC table. May want to define a write operation as well. Targeting HL7 Jan 2017 to have values added to Table Set due date to Feb TC meeting.
Feb 1, 2017: Will submit to HL7 vocabulary group. Will present to May HL7 meeting. Review May 17th PC and TC.
May 17, 2017: Needs some paperwork done and sent, should be done in a month. Review June 21.
July 12, 2017: Nothing new. Review at Aug TC.
Aug 15, 2017: No new information, move to Sep meeting.
Sep 27, 2017: No update, effort to get these formally into HL7. John will contact Ted Klein at HL7, set to Oct TC.
Oct 5 2017: Validated and put in tool. Contacted Ted Klein, moving forward. Should be completed Nov 29. Set to Dec TC.
Dec 20 2017: John not available, move to Jan TC meeting.
Jan 3, 2018: No update, move to Feb TC.
Feb 7, 2018: John still needs to submit something. Set to March TC meeting.
Mar 21, 2018: No update, move to Apr F2F.
April 12, 2018: John not available, move to April PC&TC.
April 19, 2018: No update, move to May TC meeting.

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VA proposal on PulseOx - write up details / issues to TC (Ioana S./Greg S.). Provide mappings to x73 of what VA has from LOINC & SNOMED CT - VA to encode (encode all information?)

F2F Oct. 2011

DCM (Detailed Clinical Model for Devices) - Develop/provide a publication in a form that will be given to IHE-PCD (Ioana S.) due

F2F Oct. 2011 Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017: Reviewed at F2F. Unanimous decision by TC to sunset this item.






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