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|Bikram Day
|Bikram Day
|Sr. Integration Engineer
|Capsule Technologies
|[http://www.capsuletech.com Capsule Technologies]
|John McHutcheon
|John McHutcheon
|Capsule Technologies
|[http://www.capsuletech.com Capsule Technologies]

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Committee participation is open and voluntary. Roster is based on attendance at one TCON or Face-to-Face meeting within an 18-month period. Policy regarding membership status is being finalized so this list may be adjusted to reflect the policy decision and follow the format of the Committee Page Template.

Representatives with a Roster Status of Co-chair, Liaison, Voting (or possibly Alternate) may vote and count towards quorum. A - represents a missed meeting.

Representatives with a Roster Status of Secretary or Non-voting or may not vote or count towards quorum. A + represents an attended meeting.

Name Title Member Organization Roster Status
Todd Cooper President Breakthrough Solutions Co-chair
Jack J. Harrington Sr. Director Integrated Solutions Philips Medical Systems Co-chair
Jonathan Barmettler Senior Consultant ACS  
Jeff Secunda Associate Vice President, Technology & Regulatory Affairs AdvaMed  
J. Michael Fitzmaurice PhD, FACMI Sr. Science Advisor for Information Technology Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality  
Cathy Glenz Sr. Software Consultant and Director Interoperability Alert Life Sciences Computing, Inc.  
Melvin I. Reynolds, MISciT, MBCS   AMS Consulting  
Alan Lang Program Manager of Research ASTRO  
Slav Lerner Sr. Business Development Manager Auriga  
Steve Merritt   Bay State Healthcare System  
Michael J. Zakrewski Product Director B. Braun Medical, Inc.  
Marcia A. Wylie Director Biomedical Engineering  
Lionel Michael Fraai, MS, CCE Director Brigham and Women's Hospital  
Jennifer L. Jackson, MBA, CCE Assistant Director Brigham and Women's Hospital  
Beth Hurter Director of Product Development CapMed  
Bikram Day   Capsule Technologies  
John McHutcheon   Capsule Technologies  
Rich Fronek   Cardiac Science  
Jeremy R. Malecha   CardioDynamics  
Chris Riha Director of Clinical Systems Engineering Carilion Health System  
Bob Fetters   Catalyst Consulting of Kennett  
Timothy T. Jimenez Solutions Designer Cerner  
Mark Scnhell   Cisco Systems, Inc. Technology Center  
Robert Tassin, MD CMR Physician Support Director C & M Medical Services  
Michael Schmidt, PhD Assistant Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology Columbia Presbyterian  
James Power   Datascope  
Andrea Poli   DEEI, University of Trieste  
Henry Stankiewicz Chief Clinical Engineer, VA New England Healthcare System Department of Veterans Affairs  
Peter Rontey OI Field Office (19A) Department of Veterans Affairs  
Kenneth Fuchs Director of Clinical and Systems Engineering Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.  
Terri G. Monk, MD Professor Duke University Medical Center  
Frank Ralfs   Draeger Medical AG & Co. KG  
Jonathan Gaev   ECRI  
Monroe Pattillo Technical Product Manager Emergin  
Byron Mattingly Principal Software Engineer Endovations Boston Scientific 100 Boston  
Robert Snyder   Enterprise Consulting Services, LLC  
Ronald Baumann   EQ International  
Peter O'Connor   EQ International  
Julie Burgoon Technology Management Div. Erlanger  
Thomas Norgall, MSc   Fraunhofer IIS  
Marc Goodwin Program Manager GE Healthcare  
Robert Flanders   GE Healthcare  
Ken Marks Sr. Software Engineer GE Healthcare  
Paul S. Schluter, PhD Principal Engineer GE Healthcare  
Luis R. Bernal   GHESA Ingenieria y Tecnologia, S.A.  
Paul M. Connelly VP & Chief Information Security Officer HCA  
In K. Mun, PhD VP, Research & Technology, NFD HCA  
Steve Starkey VP, Product Development Healthcare Management Systems, Inc.  
Dave Dyell CEO Healthcare Technology Solutions, Inc.  
Didi Davis Director, IHE HIMSS  
Joyce Sensmeier Vice President, Informatics HIMSS  
Thomas Canup   Hospira Worldwide, Inc  
Patrick B. Keely VP and General Manager Hospira Worldwide, Inc  
Juliana M. Reed Director, Health Policy & Reimbursement Hospira Worldwide, Inc.  
Steve Wehba Software Architect Hospira Worldwide, Inc.  
Randy Carroll   IBM  
Karen Witting   IBM  
Andrew Kim Software Engineer IBM Korea, Korea Solution Software Laboratory  
Pete Renzi Chief Technology Officer Image Stream Medical  
Emanuel Furst, PhD, CCE President Improvement Technologies, LLC  
Kenny Bailey Strategic Planning Director, Digital Health Group Intel Corporation  
Alan Boucher Director, Healthcare Architecture & Concept Engineering Intel Corporation  
Julie N. Fleischer   Intel Corporation  
Eric White   Intel Corporation  
David L. Whitlinger Standards Development Manager Intel Corporation  
Pekka Kola   Intensium Ltd.  
Bill Hawley DIA/GE CDI Project Intermountain Healthcare, Inc.  
Martin J. Hurrell, PhD   IOTA  
Keith Naylor   iSOFT  
Mary L. Moewe, MS, FACHE, PMP, SHIMSS Director, Clinical Solutions IT Strategy & Planning  
Caren Adno Vice President ITAC -Information Technology Association of Canada for Ontario  
Joshua Pearl   IXXAT, Inc.  
William E. Seitz President IXXAT, Inc.  
Roy Kerns Manager, Clinical Engineering Kadlec Medical Center  
George Panagiotopoulos   Kaiser Foundation Hospitals  
Tracy L. Rausch, MSME Biomedical Engineer Kaiser Permanente  
Karin Kajbjer   Kiwok  
Sudhakar Nagavalli, MS, CCE, CBET General Manager, Medical Equipment Planning Services KJWW Engineering Consultants  
Sungkee Lee, PhD Professor Kyungpook National University  
John Hotchkiss Technology Consultant LiveData Inc  
Jeff Robbins CEO, CTO LiveData  
Jeff Scott   LiveData  
James Welch VP Engineering Masimo Corp.  
Julian M. Goldman, MD Anesthesiologist Massachusetts General Hospital  
Rick Schrenker Systems Engineering Manager Massachusetts General Hospital  
Bob Baumgartner   McKesson Medical Imaging Group  
Brian L. Gunderson, MS, MT(ASCP), CISSP Director of Product Portfolio Management Medical Automation Systems  
Timothy Gee   Medical Connectivity Consulting  
Joseph Ahrens Business Consultant MediServe Information Systems  
John P. Van Danacker Sr. Director, Patient Management Development & Operations Medtronic, Inc.  
Ruomei Zhang, PhD CTO Midmark Diagnostics Group  
Nancy Gertudiz   Ministry of Health  
Larry Washington Product Manager, Enterprise Solutions Misys Healthcare  
Devin Upton Manager Montefiore Medical Center  
Jason Williams Sales Engineer NeoTool  
Rick Crawford   Newport Medical  
Victor Rosero Software Engineer Newport Medical Instruments, Inc.  
Robert Barker Interoperability Analyst NextGen  
Lee Patty Director of Marketing and Professional Services Niceware International, LLC  
Masaaki Hirai   Nihon Kohden Co.  
Kevin Standen National Support Services Manager Nihon Kohden  
Lisa Carnahan Computer Scientist NIST  
John J. Garguilo   NIST  
Sandra I. Martinez Computer Scientist NIST  
Richard M. Rivello Computer Scientist NIST  
Lynne Rosenthal Computer Scientist NIST  
Shaji Nathan Chief Technology Officer Nuvon  
Gary Semans Executive VP Nuvon  
Mike Stallone VP of Marketing Nuvon  
Michael Krupnick   Olympus  
Richard King   OpticScan  
Antonio Hernandez   Pan American Health Organization  
Jon J. Blasingame, CCE Major Account Support Mgr Philips Medical Systems  
John Rhoads, PhD Software Development Engineer Philips Medical Systems  
Robert Snyder   Philips Medical Systems  
Jan Wittenber Engineer/Scientist Philips Medical Systems  
Ellen Bellini Interoperability Product Manager PICIS  
Rick Ellis VP, Business Development Precision Dynamics Corp.  
Irwin Thall Manager RFID Healthcare Precision Dynamics Corp.  
Peter E. Bausbacher President Protolink, Inc.  
Al Engelbert   ProtoLink, Inc.  
Steven Weisner VP Software Development Radianese, Inc.  
Dann R. Lemerand VP, Marketing and Business Development Reliance Software Systems  
William (Chip) Furniss   Respironics  
Michael Madison   Respironics  
Richard W. Landuyt President/CEO RFIDeas inc.  
Terry Hinkle Director of Medical Products RFM  
Jeff Raponi Marketing Manager, Hospital IT Roche  
Christopher Carr Director of Informatics RSNA  
Vern Williams   SAIC  
Brenda Bland   Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center  
Dirk Huske-Draus Product Manager Siemens AG  
Allen Enebo   Spacelabs Medical, an OSI Systems Company  
David Teixeira   Spacelabs  
Jospeh Hatleli Executive Director, Clinical Equipment Planning and Support SSM Integrated Health Technologies  
Rick Cnossen   Standards Technology Manager Digital Health Group (DHeG)  
Ken Andersen   SunTech Medical, Inc.  
Tony Francisco   SunTech Medical  
Christine Winters Product Manager, ABPM SunTech Medical, Inc.  
Dave Chmielewski   Sybase, Inc.  
Raymond Peter Zambuto, CCE, FACCE, FASHE, FHIMSS President Technology in Medicine, Inc.  
David Sterry Standards Administrator The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute  
Joseph Cafazzo Director, Medical Device Informatics and Healthcare Human Factor Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network  
Tony Easty   Toronto General Hospital  
John Leung   Toronto General Hospital  
Mat Trudel   Toronto General Hospital  
Kyung Hee Kang   u-Health Division  
Ronald Marchessault, Jr.   US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command  
Stephen L. Grimes   Vanderbilt Univ. Medical Ctr  
Joe Strachan National Sales Manager VeriChip  
Walter K. Bordett, CCE Biomedical Engineer Veterans Affairs Medical Center  
Elliot B. Sloane, PhD Ass't Professor of Decison and Information Technology Villanova University  
Angelo D'Agostino Director, Program Management Viterion TeleHealthcare  
Terry Bettis Manager, Applications Engineering Welch Allyn  
James J. DelloStritto System Architect/Device Interoperability Welch Allyn  
Jeffrey H. Schmidt Global Director Service; Chair S/W & Connectivity Welch Allyn Medical  
Pascal Gand   Welch Allyn Europe  
Deborah Chan      
Craig Cunic      
Deborah Dahl      
Deborah Domelle      
Michael Ganzlin      
Mike Higgins      
John Howse      
John D. Hughes Director, Contracts Administration    
Ersel Llukacej      
Brad Lund      
Austin Montgomery      
Ioana Singureanu      
Rick Smith      
Scott Zaffrin      
Zachary Zimmerman      
    Quorum 2

If your organization is an IHE Member and you would like to be added to this roster, please provide the name of your voting representative (and optionally, alternates) to the Secretary.

If your status needs to be adjusted, please contact the Secretary and or a Cochair.