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Patient Care Device Domain

Meeting Purpose

TC Regularly Scheduled Meeting

WebEx Information

Topic: PCD Technical Committee

Regularly Scheduled Meeting Time

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York)

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda


1. Agenda Approval
2. Review Discussion Summary PCD TC 2013-11-06 Webex
3. Announcements
4. Status: TF, Supplement, Other Documents
5. Action Item Review (review begun Sept. 4 continue with #152)
6. Additional Business
7. Next Meetings:
- PC December 11; TC December 18
- PC January 15, TC January 8, 22 ?? Should any be Joint
- Connectathon January 27-31: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkpIuejcpSerdFZxeHd3T0tuMzJSZjRxd2JyeGNDekE&usp=sharing
o Social Event Tuesday, January 28, 2014, from 6:30 - 9:30PM CT

Action Items from Previous Meetings

See PCD Technical Committee Action Items.

Significant changes, other than dates, will be in bold.


  • Published and Draft Versions of the TF, Supplements, Other Documents:
- The PCD ftp site has draft versions.
- Published (and possibly in the process of being replaced with new versions):
o http://ihe.net/Technical_Framework/index.cfm#pcd
- and there is a list of CPs, which may, at any given time, affect a published document. The list is at


  • Not Yet Published:
o ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/Profiles/



Chair: John Garguilo
Anne Burrroughs, Chris Courville, Al Engelbert, John Garguilo, Monroe Pattillo, John Rhoads, Paul Schluter, Paul Sherman, Manny Furst


Discussion Summaries do not require formal approval, while minutes of meetings where votes are taken do. Participants are encouraged to review and bring up significant issues with discussion summaries of previous meetings. Votes will be taken to approve meetings where votes took place; these may be email ballots.

Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair


Agenda approved


2 Discussion Summary or Approval of Minutes
- Chair
Discussion Summary of previous meeting(s):
Add Monroe as attendee
Action item 118 – John's name misspelled
Approved with above edits



3 Agenda Items
- As Noted

3. Announcements

- Ballot: Have not met quorum for 4 items on ballot – near quorum
Will Poll For Participation – need to see who will work on the items.
Looked at the parking lot, then decide what can be moved to active. John G led discussion. Manny will send an email to TC for their input.
- At Large Election – (Board of Directors)
- HIMSS14 Planning – Meeting, email went out last night with latest info, please update Manny as needed
- Connectathon – email went out with links to various meeting recordings. Manny will post newest recordings
- Showcase – have chance to suggest details, no clinical patient detail yet.
Use Case Suggestions - Highly Desirable

4. Status: TF, Supplement, Other Documents

- OMS WP - wp out for review,covers minimal requirements. Second approach will require more, sends condensed info, requires vendor work to implement, beyond white paper specs.
- DMC / RTLS Update (Monroe) – Friday – joint meeting. Moving along well.
DMC - systems ready to receive. LS – systems ready to send.
Discussion of WLAN needs for showcase.
- Rosetta working Groups – Paul Schluter sent email; assigned term codes for all on docket except ACM. Need final decision on waveform attributes. RTM recording available
- ACM WG (Patillo) – If AM and AC actors functional, then it's in good shape. Profile in TF, awaiting code numbers. Thursday call optional, no call next week.
Discussion of MSH-15 challenges; AA vs. AR messages, PCD-01 expectations, sample messages, MSA-1,
- Pump WG Update (Engelbert) – Todd's close to final containment model. Tied TP specializations for device types

5. Action Item Review (review begun Sept. 4 continue with #140)

140 – due date to April 2014
141 - due date to April 2014
143 – May fall out with implementation guide. Change date to end of february
146 – close
147 – Will need to check with Todd Cooper (Paul S will contact) (copy and paste item)
148 – need to get info to purchasing staff, due date to April 2014
150 – change year to 2013
151 - close

6. Additional Business

- Recordings: Recent Recordings:
DEC, Rosetta, NIST Tools, and Connectathon and Showcase preparation
Links Sent Via Email; Recordings Will Be Posted



Next Meetings

The next meetings are:

PC December 11, 2013 PCD PC 2013-12-11 Webex

TC December 4, 2013 PCD TC 2013-12-04 Webex

January 8 and 15, Joint PC/TC

Connectathon January 27-31: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkpIuejcpSerdFZxeHd3T0tuMzJSZjRxd2JyeGNDekE&usp=sharing

o Social Event Tuesday, January 28, 2014, from 6:30 - 9:30PM CT
o Connectathon schedule - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AkpIuejcpSerdFZxeHd3T0tuMzJSZjRxd2JyeGNDekE&single=true&gid=0&output=html

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