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Patient Care Device Domain

Meeting Purpose

Regularly scheduled meeting of the PCD Technical Committee

WebEx Information

Topic: PCD Weekly Tcons

Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York )

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

1. Agenda Approval
2. Review Discussion Summaries
PCD PC&TC 2008-12-03 Webex
PCD PC&TC 2008-11-05 Webex
PCD TC 2008-11-12 Webex
PCD TC 2008-10-01 Webex
PCD PC&TC 2008-09-22 Webex
Members voted to approve the TC portion of the October 22-23 F2F.
3. Action Items Update
4. Announcements
- Ballot is open for minutes of the TC portion of the F2F and a vote on a RTM issue
The vote to approve the minutes is sufficient to proclaim that issue resolved as Approved.
- New ballot distributed Dec. 7 for PIV Change Proposal; email response requested, will close no later than Dec. 22
- Planning Committee has been asked to vote on the Brief Profile Proposals and to indicate priorities and interest in individual profiles/papers
- UCUM Web Site
- DCC / Sponsor Decision on wiki use for TF supplements ( DCC Minutes 2008.11.25)
5. Connectathon Update
New company participating: Surgical Information Systems
Physical requirements, utilities needed for Connectathon, Showcase
6. Profile Proposal Review
7. PCD Governance Wiki Update
8. HL7 v2.6 Discussion
9. RTM - Vent Update
10. ICE-PAC Update
11. Additional Business

Discussion Summary or Minutes and Action Items from Previous Meetings

Discussion Summaries do not require formal approval, while minutes of meetings where votes are taken do. Participants are encouraged to review and bring up significant issues with discussion summaries of previous meetings. Votes will be taken to approve meetings where votes took place; these may be email ballots.

Action Items from the previous TC meeting of November 12 PCD TC 2008-11-12 Webex:

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
60 Update TF Todd, Ken John Rhoads October 15, 2008 OPEN Meetings have begun. The update will include PIB, SPD. Then it will be released for public comment (September). Todd asked for comments, suggestions. Ken has cleaned up Volume 1 in preparation for updating it.

Todd will ask the IHE Cochairs if the format must be changed to the new format or can be left as is. A Google Group has been established. Distribute the updated TF for use in this cycle’s implementation for the Connectathon. John Rhoads will prepare the CP for the TF.

62 Incorporate Bar Coding into ADT implementations; which domain is responsible? Todd October 15, 2008 OPEN Can consistency be achieved for bar coding across vendors, domains? Todd has been in contact with HIBCC. Todd will add to Future Topics Agenda of Domain Cochairs.
64 Initiate ACM waveform transmission profile Todd Ken October 15, 2008 OPEN Paul has an approach for reporting multiple numeric values, will be needed for next year’s cycle, moving date to Sept. Todd will check on prior submission to IHE cochairs. Ken has begun writing a brief profile proposal based upon HL7 for waveform communication (WCM) http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=PCD_Brief_Profile_Proposal_2008_WCM. Todd will contact the ACM cochairs to initiate work on supplement. This is likely to be a stand alone profile that would first be applied to ACM, and the charter should indicate PCD’s desire to eventually support a continuous stream. Todd will add this data type in the TF update to SPD supplement to accommodate waveforms.
66 Prepare profiles for registration. John Garguilo, Al Engelbert Al Engelbert, Todd Cooper, Robert Flanders. December 19, 2008 OPEN (12/8/2008) Can those who have been working on HL7 profiles send them to John. These profiles are likely developed using MWB. Pete R (VA) had sent out issues with the (last cycle) profile (PCD-01 ORU^R01). Folks working on the profile should document issues and solutions as corrected/found. (Oct '08)Need to get a version of PCD-01 in the MWB. PCD likely won’t finalize the application until the TF has been updated and following the public comment period. Todd set up Google Group and Wiki Page to establish a baseline. The PCD will work with NIST for validation. John sent one of the latest profiles to Pete - there were some significant issues identified that may need further TC discussion. Goal is to get PCD-01 working in MWB + NIST v2 tools, then vendor testing. Al will talk with Pete about the specifics of the problems. The goal is to identify any TF issues by 10/15 for resolution at the F2F. It is anticipated that the other PCD transactions shall be registered after PCD-01 is complete.
67 Weekly NIST Tooling Review/Feedback Sessions John Garguilo Jan Wittenber, Todd Cooper, NIST staff, Open to others... March 31, 2009 OPEN Schedule periodic sessions to provide review / feedback to NIST on tooling considerations and revisions (mainly tied to the interface and capabilities of defining a device profile [or specialization] according to the x73 DIM).
68 PCD White Papers Wiki session Todd Cooper . October 1, 2008 OPEN Create a section in the wiki to support PCD white paper process & development
69 Update PCD Calendar Todd Cooper November 12, 2008 OPEN PCD offered to move the TI publication date forward 2 weeks to 2009.05.15.
70 Survey RTM UoM issues Paul Schluter November 12, 2008 OPEN Several units of measurement to be reviewed and potentially "voted off the island". Paul will Doodle poll to accomplish this. A review of this new package was scheduled for 2008.10.08 after the weekly PCD meeting.
71 Ballot to use only L/min instead of that or L for Minute-volume. Paul Schluter OPEN An email ballot is required: The vote to use only L/min instead of that or L for Minute-volume was not resolved.
72 Post Paul's slides from F2F. Manny 11/19/08 OPEN
73 Take the MSH-7 issue to HL7 for review and appropriate action on PAM Todd Dec. 1, 2008 OPEN
74 Address resolution of “Boolean” type arguments within RTM and will include results in Semantic Architecture White Paper. Paul November 19, 2008 OPEN
75 Review IHE.net TF page for accuracy re PCD entries. Todd November 7, 2008 OPEN
76 RTM tests for the upcoming Connectathon, add the test to Kudu. John Garguilo, Manny OPEN We discussed a potential approach of how to validate messages and record them (in Kudu) for this current cycle (i.e., 2008-09). This approach could be used for the Pre-Connectathon, Virtual-Connectathon, and Connectathon. To accommodate the RTM profile, which has no transactions, it was discussed to simply use the IHE-PCD PCD-01 transaction and a selected (set of?) test case(s) defined in the last cycle (2007 – 08) with a decided upon updated set of specific parameters. 11/5/2008

77 Ask HL7 to address gaps in v3 that affect PCD's ability to develop extensions to PIV. Ken Fuchs Jeff Rinda, Gary Meyer OPEN



Chair/Host: Todd Cooper (Breakthrough Solutions)


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair


  • Agenda ___


2 Issues with Discussion Summary or Approval of Minutes
- Chair
Status/Discussion: Discussion Summaries of recent TC meetings, Minutes of F2F



3 Brief Profile Proposals
- Chair



- Todd



- Todd



- Todd



Next Meeting

The next TC meeting will be January 7, 2009: PCD TC 2009-01-07 Webex

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