PCD Proposals Cycle 2

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Current Proposals under development

These Detailed Profile Proposals were short-listed, evaluated by the Technical Committee and selected by both committees for development in this Cycle (note: The PoC Real Time PnP Device Integration and Home Telehealth profiles may be developed in steps over a two year period. The latest versions can be found at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/IHEPCDyr2-2007-2008/PlanningCommitteeYr2/ProfileProposalsDetailedYr2/

  1. Patient ID Binding (tying the patient to the device and its data).
  2. Point of Care (PoC) Real Time PnP Device Integration.
  3. Home Telehealth.
  4. PCD02 Subscribe To Patient Data (permits an EMR to select the data desired); this is a continuation of the PCD's Year 1 effort.

Profile Proposals Submitted

The following Brief Profile Proposals were submitted for the 2007-2008 Development Cycle and can be found at:


  1. Small Data Element Exchange
  2. IHE ECG Workflow
  3. Patient ID Binding (tying the patient to the device and its data)
  4. Real Time Clinical Data Management Storage And Retrieval
  5. Infusion Pump Integration To BPOC
  6. Point of Care (PoC) Real Time PnP Device Integration
  7. Home Telehealth
  8. Alarm Interoperability
  9. PCA Infusion Safety

New Proposals

Feel free to create new proposal pages based on the Brief Proposal Template, or use the complete Profile Template. Remember to save your work under a new page name and post below.

  1. Remote Monitoring - 2007-08 work to be addressed by PCD, Initiated from PCC

PCD Technical Framework Maintenance

The current versions of volumes 1 and 2 of the PCD Technical Framework can be found at: