PCD Profile Point-of-Care Infusion Verification Overview

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Point-of-Care Infusion (PIV) communicates settings from an infusion order to an infusion device.


The Point-of-Care Infusion Verification profile supports the electronic transfer of infusion parameters from a Bar Code (or Bedside Computer) assisted Medication Administration (BCMA) system to an infusion pump.


This capability will reduce errors by eliminating keystroke errors and by increasing the use of automatic dosage checking facilitated by the onboard drug libraries in “smart pump” systems.

This integration may also increase caregiver productivity and provide more contextual information in the electronic medical record regarding infusion data.


Systems Affected

Medication Administration systems transmit checked infusion orders using this profile.

Infusion pump managers or infusion pumps receive orders using this profile as a substitute for manual entry, and clinicians check and start the infusion.


Profile Status: Final Text


PCD Technical Framework vol. 1 Section 5

PCD Technical Framework vol. 2 Section 3.3

PIV Data Tables


Underlying Standards:

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