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Action Items 40 -149

All items have been closed

Action Items 160-169

All items have been closed

Action Items 170-179

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update

172 DEV Domain Implementation PCD Cochairs, Thom Erickson, Todd Cooper Paul Sherman April 22, 2020 OPEN Jan 15, 2020: Discussed next steps and format of domain. Paul drafted a DEV Domain home wiki page. Will set up a schedule to work on Domain PC and TC. Review in February
Feb 12, 2020: Will have DEV meetings Feb 25 and 26. Can we do something for HIMSS? We may have missed the opportunity. Will see what we can do by the Feb 26 DEV meeting.
March 18, 2020: Still need to get the word out, even within IHE. Will have PCH transactions. Have DEV meetings on 4th week. Move to virtual F2F.
173 Update TF for DEV Domain John Rhoads, Thom Erickson John Rhoads, Thom Erickson, Paul Schluter, John Garguilo April 22, 2020 OPEN April 8, 2020: Use existing TF, rename to DEV, edit Volume 1 to reflect new focus. Add PCH and Dpi sections to Vol 2 and 3. Review at F2F.
174 OPEN
175 OPEN
176 OPEN
177 OPEN
178 OPEN
179 OPEN

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