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Action Items 40 -149

All items have been closed

Action Items 160-169

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update

168 Execute Stakeholder Survey Juuso, Monroe Juuso, Paul Sherman, CoChairs July 17, 2019 OPEN Carried over from AI 78 (AAMI Survey. Juuso will check with ECRI staff to see if they're willing to do a survey with their customers. Juuso checke, it looks promising. Set due date to Oct 28. Moved date out to Nov. 11.
Nov 11, 2015: ECRI can't host survey, but will announce to members. We need a hosting site for the survey. Juuso will check on the announcement deadline. Set date for next PC.
Nov 18, 2015: Juuso updated on deadlines for ECRI to announce. Dec 28 for Jan 1 newsletter, Jan 15 for Jan 18 newsletter.
Dec 16, 2015: Looking for original survey. Still need host. Paul Sherman will check with ACCE. Set due date to Jan 2016.
Jan 13, 2016: Paul asked ACCE if they were willing to host the survey, no firm response yet. Haven't located original survey yet. Change date to Feb PC meeting.
Feb 24, 2016: Will address after HIMSS, set to March PC meeting.
March 23, 2016: No new info, will likely need to build survey from scratch, set to Face to Face.
April 19, 2016: Not enough resources available to pursue this right now. Should split into two Action items, new one to create survey and leave this one as execution.
May 18, 2016: Juuso willing to help create he survey, ECRI is willing to distribute survey link as well. What type of questions? For new people, what is this, and what those familiar with PCD are doing with it, not doing with it, etc. Set due date to June 15.
June 15, 2016: Survey drafted. Set to July meeting.
July 13, 2016: Still needs reviewed, change to August meeting.
Aug 10, 2016: Still in review, will send reminder. Move to September.
Sep 14, 2016: No new info, set to F2F
Oct 11, 2016: Pending completion of survey, set to Nov PC.
Nov 9, 2016: Juuso edited per feedback. Seems to be mostly ready, need to have cochairs approve, then send to ACCE for distribution. Move to December meeting.
Dec 14, 2016: Will have changes to Juuso for next week. Move to joint meeting.
Dec 21, 2016: Monroe has a little bit of info to provide to Juuso. Move to Jan PC meeting.
Jan 18, 2017: Nothing new, move to February meeting
Feb 8, 2017: Some progress, move to March meeting.
Mar 8, 2017: No new info, move to F2F.
April 4, 2017: Monroe reviewed and sent changes back to Paul and Juuso,
April 12, 2017: Juuso can update by next PC meeting. Will work with ACCE on distribution, move to next PC.
April 26, 2017: Reviewed and approved. Hope to distribute to ACCE, ECRI and AAMI. Review at May PC/TC.
May 17, 2017: Survey sent to AAMI, ACCE and ECRI, awaiting publication notification. Set to June meeting.
June 21, 2017: Awaiting publication, set to July meeting.
July 19, 2017: Not published yet. Paul will ping AAMI, ACCE and ECRI for update. Set to August meeting.
August 15, 2017: Paul pinged AAMI and ACCE. ACCE working with Juuso on publishing. Move to Sept Meeting
Sep 27, 2017: Discussed with ACCE, unable to publish via Survey Monkey. Paul discussed with IHE; they will teach us how to run surveys via Google forms. Move to F2F
Oct 4, 2017: Discussed with Jeremiah at IHE how they execute surveys. IHE uses Google Forms; We can create the surveys, then send links to any groups we want that may have input. Paul plans to meet with Jeremiah next week to assemble the surveys. Note: Rob Wilder assemled them in Google Forms during this meeting and has shared them with Paul for review and completion. Follow up at next PC meeting.
Nov 8, 2017: ECRI has notice drafted, Juuso will send as sample and for review. Paul needs to check on how link goes out to the field. Should be ready to implement after that. Move to Dec call.
Dec 13, 2017: Sent to IHE for review, Paul will send to AAMI this morning for their review. ECRI is ready to send. Should go out January 2018. Set to Jan meeting.
Jan 31, 2018: Working with AAMI for final distribution, move to Feb call.
Feb 14, 2018: No new info, move to March call
March 28 2018: Paul Sh discussed with AAMI, they would like to hold off a bit; concerned about survey burn-out. PC -A month or so, no problem. Paul will let them know. Set to F2F
April 11, 2018: Ready to go, awaiting AAMI's readiness. Move to May meeting.
May 9 2018: Haven’t checked with AAMI yet, set to next meeting.
June 20, 2018: Survey distributed to ACCE, AAMI, ECRI, IHE and HIMSS. All have published. Set to next week.
June 27, 2018: Review results at next PC meeting.
July 25, 2018: No update, Review results at next PC meeting.
Aug 15, 2018: Response is very poor for both surveys. Maybe promote it at HIMSS. Paul will ping AAMI again. Bring up at F2F.
Oct 17, 2018: hallenge: How to get responses. Ray mentioned that some survey companies offer compensation to participate. Perhaps HIMSS/IHE could offer a giveaway (a year's membership?) at HIMSS. Follow-up next meeting.
Nov 14, 2018: No new info. Will see if we can bring up the challenges at the DCC meeting next week.
Dec 19, 2018: Paul discussed at DCC, will meet with a couple of other DCC members to post to IHE front page or other options. Move to January.
Jan 9, 2019: Paul hasn’t heard back from other DCC members yet. Move to February.
Feb 20, 2019: Nothing new, review next month.
Mar 13, 2019: No new info, discuss at F2F
Apr 24, 2019: Send to Amit (Sent Apr 29). Could make it an annual survey. Send a link to Thom (Sent Apr 29). Amit can send to other groups to help distribute via other organizations as HIMSS. Review at May PC meeting.
May 8, 2019: Paul sent links to Amit and Thom. No reason not to make it annual. Review surveys at joint PC/TC. Move to joint meeting.
May 15, 2019: Postponed review to focus on IPEC FT review. Set to next joint meeting.
June 19, 2018: Not done with IPEC, move to next PC meeting.

Action Items 170-179

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update

172 OPEN
173 OPEN
174 OPEN
175 OPEN
176 OPEN
177 OPEN
178 OPEN
179 OPEN

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