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Current Issues related to Infusion Pumps

The following issues are to be discussed at an upcoming F2F meeting of the pump vendors:

1. When PIV is used with DEC to support the reporting of the status of a infusion, the order ID (Placer Order Number) provided in ORC-2 (PCD-03 transaction) should be contained in the PCD-01 message - Currently PCD-01 allows for a single Placer Order Number in a message; however, an infuser may have different infusions programmed and/or running at the same time on a single channel. We need to support Placer Order Numbers in a PCD-01 message.

2. Revisit pump model to account for a means of identifying the running channel

3. Revisit pump model to account for events (e.g. piggyback completed)

4. PCD-03: RXG-17 and 18 (Give Strength and Units) and RXG-23 and 24 (Give Drug Strength Volume and Units) are used to determine the concentration of the drug as defined in the pump drug library. Since not all drugs are defined with a concentration, these fields should be conditional instead of RE. We need to define the condition.

5. Determine whether there is a way to include programming for syringe pumps (such as pump type, syringe size and manufacturer) in the current PCD-03 transaction

6. Develop a document for use by the HL7 group which identifies enhancements to the HL7 standards that are needed to support ordering and administration of medications using syringe pumps and PCA pumps.

Development of PIV Trial Implementation Version 2.0

The following should be considered for Trial Implementation v2.0:

- Develop a new Change Proposal based on outcome of the issues above, submit for public comment, and incorporate into v2.0.

- Incorporate the Change Proposal for PIV from Jan 2009 regarding the use of MDC and UCUM encodings for units into v2.0 following a public comment period.

- The earlier Change Proposal regarding Trial Implementation Version 1.0 that resulted in v1.1 was approved by the TC but should also be submitted for public comment.