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Patient Care Device Domain

Meeting Purpose

Regularly scheduled meeting of the PCD Planning Committee

WebEx Information

Topic: PCD Committee Tcons

Date: Wednesday, Janury 14, 2009

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York )

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

1 Review of Discussion Summaries PCD PC 2008-12-17 Webex
2 PCD Governance Wiki
3 Update on Brief Profile Proposals:
Vote to Proceed and Survey of Interest "VoteBriefProfiles&Other&PrioritySurvey20081207"
posted at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/Profiles/2009-2010BriefProfileProposals/
  • ACM Open Issues / Extensions
  • PIV Open Issues / Extensions
  • RTM Open Issues / Extensions
  • DPI Profile Update
  • WCM Profile Update
  • QBD Profile Update
4 White Paper Proposals
  • DPI
  • Medical Device Semantic Architecture
  • Regulatory Considerations
  • MEM
5 Showcase Planning
  • Showcase demo policy
  • Companies and systems participating
  • Scenario
  • Physical layout
  • Network and utility requirements
  • New Directions
6 IHE Australia
7 IHE International
  • IEEE-IHE MoU Update
8 Continua
9 Review Schedule through Connectathon
10 Recruiting: Chicago Area Biomed Presentation
11 Review Action Items
12 New Business

Discussion Summary and Action Items from Previous Meetings

Discussion Summaries from previous meetings are not reviewed unless a significant issue is raised. Decision meetings will have minutes that require approval. This may be accomplished on email ballot.

Action Items from the previous meetings: PCD PC 2008-12-17 Webex

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update
41 Monitor FDA actions on Universal Device ID Jeff Secunda -- January 14, 2009 Open Jeff Secunda said that the FDA will be starting a project on the UID concept. The project will take at least 1 year.
44 Define relationship between IEEE standards and IHE profiles; the role of the PCD in determining this relationship. MOU – reviewed and published for consideration at this Friday’s IEEE Board meeting. The HL7/IEEE MOU is also in process Todd Cooper -- February 11, 2009 Open Elliot arranged for Didi to forward the current HL7 draft to IEEE for review as a template. This MOU addresses intellectual property exchanges. Todd will contact Didi for an update.
70 Coordinate 12 lead ECG effort with Cardiology domain. Ray -- February 11, 2009 Open Cardiology Domain received funding and will be active. Paul noted that pacemaker group will work within cardiology domain, and RTM will include terms for pacemaker communications. Defer until Cardiology Domain has updated its workplan and additional action is required.
71 Recruit clinicians; develop novel ways, attend to their priorities and schedules Ken, Manny -- Open Open Profile development may be a reasonable initial focus for involvement and perhaps lead to further involvement in PCD. Paul had earlier suggested a booth at at ACC, other meetings. Liase with standards groups such as ASTM, professional societies. Manny will talk with Cristal Anderson, HIMSS. Potential for recruiting at Connectathon. If anyone wants to invite a company to observe at Connectathon let Manny know.
72 Press releases as recruiting tool, including the Showcase. PCD will invite companies to observe Connectathon and reach out to companies and users to invite them to the PCD demo at the Showcase. Manny -- Open Open Two press releases have been prepared and distributed to various organizations for distribution.
74 Mapping PCD into v3 CDA with relevance to RTM Todd Peter Hendler December 3, 2008 Open Todd: VA was planning to move forward about use of CDA. He will talk with James McCain. Peter: Kaiser and VA working to trade documents as part of NHIN project.
Goal is to assure the appropriate set of medical device semantic components is included in the appropriate location in CDA/CCD documents and HL7 v3 nessages.
Todd will ask the VA as to whether there is still any interest in this project.
Todd will schedule a webex the end of August/early September to discuss the status of the profile proposal and identify what needs to happen to move it forward in this next cycle.
Will be addressed in Vancouver meeting the week of September 15.
76 Test Tooling, NIST and MWB John Garguilo Al Engelbert, Todd Cooper, Robert Flanders, John Garguilo, John Rhoads, Peter Rontey, Paul Schluter October 8, 2008 Open Rob Snellick is working on this. Peter Rontey identified two open issues. One suggests that PCD may need to select HL7 v.2.6 as baseline. The other relates to OBX.5 which has an indeterminate data type. Peter believes he has a solution if NIST Message Maker can accommodate his approach. John Garguilo suggested this be changed to two issues, one related to HL7 profiles and the other to develop and validate the profiles. Decision deferred.

With regard to test tools and validation the MWB will be used, and can be used in Pre-Connectathon testing. We need to identify what the vendors will communicate within the profiles and select the parameters that will be used. We then need to know what tables and other data is used and these must also be provided to NIST. Optimally, values and ranges will be defined. We need to define the profiles and parameters that will be used to validate RTM.

This effort is a test of the NIST tools as well, the goal is to provide Cypress as a web tool available anytime desired.

78 2009 Survey Development Ray Zambuto -- January 1, 2009 Open Ray will add a question or two regarding the need to support web services and other service oriented architectures.
80 Recruiting Members -- January 1, 2009 Open Invite new companies to observe PCD at this year’s Connectathon. Manny to compile list as suggestions are received.

81 ISO 215 Requirements for Posting Profile Details - transferred from TC Todd -- December 3, 2008 Open ISO TR283800 Part 2 has been approved. These work items were submitted to ISO TC215 per IHE International's Liaison agreement, and standardize both the IHE process as well as the technical frameworks that have been developed. A document that includes descriptions and pointers to all the different IHE profiles are required. As a result of this, each domain needs to make sure that the referenced material is complete and consistent. The following must be correct and up to date (from Charles Parisot):
  • The overall listing of IHE profiles (TI and TF) at: http://www.ihe.net/Profiles.
  • The overall listing of IHE profiles (TI and TF) at: http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=Profiles. Each detailed Profile Description page referenced must be accurate.
  • The overall listing of profiles included under IHE Domains at: http://www.ihe.net/Domains/index.cfm. Verify that each detailed Profile Description page referenced must be available from the Wiki (see above).
  • Each Domain name must have a link to the decription of the domain and its scope. NOTE: THOSE descriptions are really weak and inconsistent. Todd will produce a one page (max) description of the Domain and more importantly of its scope for the ISO TR28380. This will be the place where the IHE.net web site will be referenced with specific profile decriptions.
82 Users Guide Steve Merritt -- February 1, 2009? Open Draft document for review.
83 Recruiting in Chicago area in advance of Showcase Manny -- December 3, 2008 Open Recruiting presentation during the Connectathon has not received support from Didi. We may want to consider a webinar.
84 Vote on Brief Profile Proposals Todd -- -- Open Provide Wiki pages and prepare ballot.
85 MEM detailed proposal Steve Merritt -- January 1, 2009 Open --
86 Contribute to, or develop a glossary. -- -- -- Open --
87 Review the IHE.net/pcd page Todd John Rhoads January 29, 2009 Open --
88 Consider how to move non-IHE members to membership Ken John Rhoads January 29, 2009 Open --
89 Open
90 Open
91 Open
92 Open
93 Open


Chair: Steve Merritt
  • Jon Blasingame, Rick Cnossen, Al Engelbert, Robert Flanders, John Hotchkiss, Roy Kerns, Steve Merritt, Jeff Rinda, Scott Zaffrin, Ray Zambuto, Khaldi Zubaidi, Manny Furst


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair
  • Agenda accepted. Several members are at HL7/IEEE meeting and unavailable today.



2 Discussion Summary
- Chair
  • No issues reported.


3 Action Items Review
- Chair
  • Other than those below: No change other than extending the dates.
  • 44: IEEE MOU – minor changes were suggested to the draft.
  • 70: Ray will learn who the contact person is for the reactivated
  • 78: March 1 for dry run.
  • 80: Manny to forward HIMSS announcement of the one day conference during the Connectathon.
  • 82: A draft should be available February 1
  • 83: Manny describe the opportunity to make a presentation to the Chicago area biomed society in March and asked for a volunteer.
  • 84: The official vote remains TBD due to lack of an updated roster. Only one or two votes are in question so most conclusions will hold after the tally is official.
  • 85: Steve is recruiting CMMS vendors. Kick off meeting to be scheduled. Close.
  • 86: Ray will contact Patrick Bernat to arrange collaboration.



  • 84: Manny will send the tallies of the votes and preferences. He will seek volunteers to lead development of the Detailed Profile Proposals. They should be completed by February 16.
4 Announcements
- Chair


  • Continua will demonstrate in the HIMSS09 Showcase. They will be located in Home Health and will communicate with one or more types of receivers, such as a physician practice. They are working with IBM to send reports to a medical record system.
  • IHE incorporation – Ray anticipates completion first or second quarter 2009.
  • Rick talked about the HITSP yet-to-be-defined interface (Interface #2) and suggested a joint meeting last week of January or first week of February. Rick will set up the meeting with several PCD and Connectathon people.



Next Meeting

The next meeting will be January 28, 2009: PCD PC 2009-01-28 Webex

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