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(MEM Profile Main Page)

Meeting Purpose

IHE PCD MEM Medical Equipment Management Discussion at Spring 2009 F2F (NIST, Washington, DC)

Proposed Agenda

1 - Overview of MEM Status (New Directions Poster)
2 - Detailed break-out of block diagrams
3 - MEM Roadmap




Item Topic Discussion
1 Overview of MEM Status Status/Discussion:

The whitepaper is still under development. Next steps

  • Roadmap
  • Clarify the use cases versus scenarios
  • Clarify scope of the blocks


2 Detailed break-out of block diagrams Status/Discussion:

Patch Management
  • Rename to Software Management
  • Pending software should be clarified
  • Downloaded and ready for install status
  • Authorized for installation status
  • Vendor supplied vs. OTS
  • Upgrades vs. Bug fixes
  • Should be explicit that this is not a push mechanism, only a reporting mechanism
  • Patch history should be another system not a function of this reporting
  • There should be a method of site customized software level (i.e. a drug library in pumps)
  • This could also be transformed to compatibility management for example wireless compatibility
Location Services
  • Yes this is RTLS
  • Not a protocol for location tracking but a method of exporting tracking information across the enterprise
  • There was some work done on this several years back in HL7, need to investigate its status
  • This would not be for location tracking (tag-type) companies but for interoperability vendors
  • Only boundary alarms seems to have an obvious solution
  • Also include in the scope a location query mechanism
Battery Management
  • The topics included in the poster seem to represent the issues
Operational Status and Monitoring
  • Define alerts versus alarms
  • Include calibration check alarms

Action(s): Examine status of location services within HL7

3 MEM Roadmap Status/Discussion:


Some of this could be solved using just an aperiodic PCD-01 message


New Brief Profile Proposals for Cycle 5
  • Battery management (leverage existing PCD-01)
  • Location boundary alarms
Other work items for Cycle 5
  • Nomenclature requirements (Data types, names, value sets)

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