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So you're interested in the IHE Patient Care Devices domain. This page provides an overview of the information neccesary for someone to get familiar with our domain.


Main IHE WebPage
Everything about IHE, information for developers and users
Links to IHE...
  • Process
  • Profiles
  • Technical Frameworks
  • Integration Statements
  • Presentations
  • Showcase virtual tour
  • User Handbooks
Main Patient Care Devices (PCD) wiki page
The main source of information for our domain
  • PCD Scope, Mission, and Vision
  • Committees and Rosters
  • PCD Roadmap and Schedule
  • Profile working documents and information
  • PCD Presentations
  • PCD Support and tools
Virtual Tour of the PCD booth at the Interoperability Showcase
Overview of Connectathon process
Connectathon results (listing of vendors who have succesfully passed testing)
PCD overview presentation 2008
PCD list of profiles
PCD Technical Framework and Supplements
PCD profiles in development for this year
PCD Presentations