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Infusion Pump Working Group

The IHE PCD Infusion Pump Working Group provides focused support for all IHE activities that include infusion pump connectivity, services or semantics. This includes coordination within both the IHE PCD and IHE in general, as well as with other organizations that are outside of IHE but that are interested in the development and deployment of standards-based solutions for infusion pump integration.

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NOTE: Infusion pump-related wiki pages may be seen on the special Infusion Pump category page.

Working Group Participants

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List server: To send a message to the task group e-mail ihe-pcd-infusion-pump@googlegroups.com

Working Group Meetings

2009 WebEx Sessions

  • Planned Sessions
(Tentative) 2009.10.05 F2F - Dallas Area @ B.Braun facilities
2009-07-01 Pump WebEx Session - Action Items / CP prep
  • Completed Sessions
2009-06-24 Pump WebEx Session - Action Items / CP prep
2009-06-17 Pump WebEx Session - Action Items / CP prep
2009-06-04 Pump WebEx Session - Review F2F Notes & Action Items
2009-05-19 Infusion Pump WG F2F @ Alaris in America's Finest City...

Working Group Issue Discussions

  • Infusion Pump Issues Discussion Wiki pages:
Infusion Pump Term Gaps
Infusion Pump Specialization (model)
Infusion Pump Therapy "Recipe" Model Discussion
  • PIV CP Discussion Document Directories:

Working Group Action Items

Working Group Decisions

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Infusion Pump Background Materials

Note: Files also available on IHE.net FTP site.

ISO/IEEE 11073 Pump Specialization Documents

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PCD Rosetta Content

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