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Meeting Purpose

IHE PCD Device Point-of-care Integration (DPI) White Paper development discussions.

WebEx Information

Topic: IHE PCD DPI White Paper TG

Date: Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time: 11:00, Eastern Time (GMT -05:00, New York)

Duration: 120 Minutes

Note: Specific web & phone informaiton will be provided via e-mail to group members.

Contact Manny Furst for more information.

Proposed Agenda

0. Review previous WebEx discussion notes from 2009.07.02
1. Status Update on DPI development
2. HITSP Engagement post 07/15...
3. DPI Recruitment

Attachments / Materials

  • (No attachments for this meeting)

Discussion Notes


Chair/Host: Todd Cooper (BSF)
Participants: George Bertos (Baxter), Jon Blasingame (Philips), Anupriyo Chakravarti (SIS), John Garguilo (NIST), Kai Hassing (Philips), Gary Meyer (CareFusion), George Panagiotopoulos (Kaiser Permanente), John Rhoads (Philips), Jeff Rinda (Hospira), Jan Wittenber (Philips)


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair


  • Agenda reviewed & approved without modification


2 Approval of Discussion Notes
- Chair
- Cooper / Rhoads action items by end of this week
- Add CareFusion to participants list



  • ACTION: Add CareFusion to DPI participants list.
3 DPI Status Update
- Group
  • Todd provided a general update of DPI-related development activities.
  • AAMI & IHE DPI: Todd reviewed recent discussions around IHE PCD work and potential demonstration projects at the AAMI 2010 June conference in Tampa. This would also leverage work being done in the ICE-PAC JWG, ACM team, infusion pump WG, etc.



4 HITSP Update
- Group
  • Discussion re. DPI and HITSP-related development. NOTE: The HITSP Panel meeting was the day before.
  • Primary link for HITSP information
  • Todd reviewed various slides from the recent HITSP Panel meeting, indicating the reorganization of HITSP deliverables and constructs. Todd will provide these slides to the team for review.
  • CmDC Status:
- In responses to recent questions, there is a very good chance that the CmDC use case that was very active last February will resume once the ARRA/HITECH HITSP deliverables are sent to the ONC mid-July.
- Based on the activity of the last few months, Todd has proposed a Device Connectivity Tiger Team that will pick up the RMON/CmDC work and develop a Technical Note before the end of the year, as well as potentially new / updated "constructs" supporting device informatics and interoperability.
- The related RMON profile, which may become a part of CmDC, is also nearing completion of it's deliverable for SDE#2.
- ISSUE: The group repeated the sense that having this discussion within the Consumer group didn't make sense. It should be within Provider ... assuming these groups will continue (The Tiger Team approach made the most sense)
  • Relationship to DPI:
- General discussion about various IHE PCD profiling activities and HITSP work
- NOTE: DPI is intra-PoC focused, whereas HITSP is inter-organizational and EHR focused.
- ACM is a component of CmDC
- CmDC does include references to "first link" with the device.
- Device Control (incl. DPI) is a part of CmDC, though it isn't clear how this control would be effected from the EHR!
- ICE-PAC is focused on control-oriented functionality, not necessarily general infusion pump applications.
- Identity / identifier management is also a key component
- Discovery methods (e.g., what devices on which patients ...) are also a key component.
  • Wittenber reitered the previous group conclusions that the IHE PCD should focus HITSP engagement (at least initially) on defining device classes, related semantics / information streams, and key capabilities. The Rosetta could be used to map into the specializations, in direct support of EHR integration.
  • A focus on the device intermediary should also be pursued as a primary way of integrating with the enterprise.
  • NOTE: This discussion will directly inform the DPI WP HITSP Appendix



  • ACTION: (Infusion Pump Participants) review HITSP and IHE medication management IS(s) and report on the relevance to IHE PCD + DPI profiles.
  • ACTION: (Cooper) Send out the HITSP presentations that were reviewed during the discussion, namely N 411 & N 412.
  • ACTION: (Cooper) Provide references for CmDC Use Case "control" statements.
5 Next Meeting
- Chair



Next Meeting

NOTE: Next Meeting will be held during the regularly scheduled time: WebEx Session 2009.07.16 (120 minutes)

(Reviewed & approved by PCD DPI TG <TBD>

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