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=== Next Meeting ===
=== Next Meeting ===
''NOTE:  Next Meeting will be held during the regularly scheduled time:  '''<TBD>''' (120 minutes)''
''NOTE:  Next Meeting will be held during the regularly scheduled time:  '''[[PCD_DPI_2009-06-02_WebEx | 2009.06.02 (120 minutes)]]''
''(Reviewed & approved by PCD DPI TG <TBD>''
''(Reviewed & approved by PCD DPI TG [[PCD_DPI_2009-06-02_WebEx | 2009.06.02 WebEx session]]''

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(DPI Profile Main Page) DPI White Paper Page

Meeting Purpose

IHE PCD Device Point-of-care Integration (DPI) White Paper development discussions.

WebEx Information

Topic: IHE PCD DPI White Paper TG

Date: Thursday, May 18, 2009

Time: 16:30, Eastern Time (GMT -05:00, New York)

Duration: 120 Minutes

Note: Specific web & phone informaiton will be provided via e-mail to group members.

Contact Manny Furst for more information.

Proposed Agenda

0. Review previous WebEx discussion notes
1. Review Draft WP
2. Review Pump F2F Agenda
3. Provide more detailed guidance for ICE-PAC Appendix
4. Schedule Next Meetings (May 25 - June 4th)

Attachments / Materials

(No attachments)



Chair/Host: Todd Cooper (BSF)
John Blasingame (Philips), Ken Fuchs (Draeger), John Rhoads (Philips), Sandy Weininger (FDA/CDRH), Jan Wittenber (Philips)

Note: Numerous individuals sent their regrets due, for example, to travel to San Diego for the IHE PCD Pump meetings.


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair


  • Agenda reviewed & Approved


2 Approval of Discussion Notes
- Chair



3 Draft WP Discussion
- Group
  • Revision Numbers:
- The next draft issued by Todd will be (0.2.1). He will use this scheme for all "official" published drafts.
- Companies can append "Draft 7", for example, for their own internally controlled versions
  • WP 0.2.1 Content Review:
- Updated outline reviewed
- Integrate the Glossary content recently provided by John Rhoads with the comments & content from the previous 0.2.0 draft
- Updated the content of the HITSP and ASTM "ICE" appendicies



4 PCD Infusion Pump F2F
- Group
  • Reviewed the Agenda for the upcoming IHE PCD Infusion Pump F2F in San Diego, May 19 & 20
  • Need to make sure that anticipated control items, such as being able to set a text string on the device indicating the drug being delivered or clinician, is reported in the review of the old 11073-10301 draft pump specialization standard.



  • ACTION: (Todd) Report back to the DPI group in the next meeting regarding any DPI-related discussions at the pump F2F.
5 Next Meeting
- Chair



  • ACTION: (Todd) create a Doodle poll for the weeks of May 25 (26 or 27) & June 1st (1-4).
  • ACTION: (Todd) review DPI list server to make sure that ICE-PAC participants are also included on the DPI list; if not, issue an invitation to them regarding participation & development of the DPI White Paper.

Next Meeting

NOTE: Next Meeting will be held during the regularly scheduled time: 2009.06.02 (120 minutes)

(Reviewed & approved by PCD DPI TG 2009.06.02 WebEx session

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